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Points and tier status incorrectly wiped

Level 8

I picked up a new ROG motherboard and registered a new ROG Elite account. I registered the motherboard and was allocated points and tier status.

Shortley after all my points and status were reset to zero with the reason recorded as reset due to region transfer...

I have not changed region.

Please reinstate my account, screen shot of the incorrect account activity attached.

I have also previously emailed <> but received no response. I then contacted ASUS support who sent me here...



Level 8

So no admins or mods in here then that can correct this error or even respond to the post and no responses to email?


Level 7

@Retiarius  I've kind of got the same problem man, I've got around 3,000 points before which was worth three asus devices from me but after I finished setting it up it has been reset to 0. its such a waste, I was really regretting what I did since these devices costed me a hefty price of money. also I just sent them an email, ill provide an update as soon as they reply. have you tried reaching out to them as well?


check out the pics I've provided

asus profile 2.png

point history.png


asus devices 2.png



Level 8

Would not hold out too much hope of any help from ASUS... I've reached out multiple times to ASUS support who cannot help and keep getting redirected back to the forum and emailing ROG elite support... even ASUS support has emailed them and gotten no response.

Not even a single response from ROG mods or admins to this post after well over a month and multiple emails... Customer support at its best.


Level 7

that sucks big time

Level 8

@MasterC Does anybody from ASUS actually engage with the community through the forum or respond to email???

Hi, I have moved your post into the more appropriate section, somebody will be able to assist you soon. 

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@MasterC not sure what has changed? The post is still in the same location and 2 weeks on still zero contact...

Level 7

I have a somewhat similar issue. My points are ok but my Exp Points disappeared and has stayed at 0 Exp even though the log says I'm earning Exp points. But I don't have anything in my history that says anything about why they were wiped like the region transfer examples above. They just disappeared. I thought maybe it was an visual bug as occasionally happens to the site. But it's been about a week and has not fixed itself