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Product registration, elite points

I have registered my z790 hero and currently waiting on points but, I have still not received any for my asus rtx 4090 oc, which was registered back in June.

Can't redeem points

Does anyone have issues redeeming points for rewards?  I have enough points put for some reason it wouldn't let me redeem any the last week.

KalRog by Level 8
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Timed out while searching for drivers in Armory Crate

I have had this problem for about half a year now. Every time I go to the Tools tab, only one loading circle appears. After about a minute of waiting, a window pops up with the title saying that there has been a timeout during editing. (P1) (P1)The t...

Screenshot 2024-02-10 100842.png 692c5a58-25cb-47fd-a950-d4b088f3353b.png

Can't attached receipt

Hi, To register new product, Armory Crate directs me to the Elite Program page where you need to entering serial number, check number and receipt image in JPG under 1mb. When selecting the image. Nothing happened and the submit button isn't enabled. ...

Resolved! ROG Elite Reward Not Working

Hi everyone!I redeemed an EVA shirt three months ago on ROG Elite Rewards, but I never got any notification that my reward was received. I've been trying to get in touch with literally anyone from the ROG program. I've already sent eliterewards_suppo...

alia by Level 7
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Resolved! Elite Rewards Website Broken

The Elite Rewards website has been down for around three days now. All it says is that "We'll Be Back" and they are making service enhancements. I have not seen anything on social media or on here about this, so I was wondering where I could find mor...

ea by Level 8
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Unsubscribe for points expiration not working.

I unsubscribed last month. No point in receiving "friendly reminders" for a useless service. I got one again today. I unsubscribed again and I hope there wont be an email again. Please fix it.

snagals by Level 8
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ROG Pluse code dosent work

Hi there, Hey, What is happening withh the ROG Pulse code, it's not working. Having some bug? Best regards, G. Fox    

Screenshot_20240208-225337~2.png Screenshot_20240208-225404~2.png Screenshot_20240208-225408~2.png

Elite email codes not working

I'm signed up for Elite emails, and yet I only seem to get a small percentage of the emails sent.Even worse, the two I've gotten in the last few months have an elite code that simply doesn't work. The website returns:  ERRORError This entry is invali...