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X Sense.png

 It's time for another episode of ROG Phone Mastery!

In this edition, we'll be introducing the "X Sense" feature!

What is X Sense?
The advanced AI recognition engine developed by ROG Labs offers various functions to assist players. Simply click on "X Sense" in "Game Genie" to activate the advanced AI recognition engine and enhance your gaming experience. In the settings panel, you can customize the scenarios for AI recognition.



Currently supported games include:

  1. Arena of Valor
  2. Genshin Impact
  3. Honkai: Star Rail


In Arena of Valor

besides defeated enemy effects, important buffs like the Might Golem Buff, Sage Golem Buff, Dark Slayer Buff, and Holy Dragon Buff are highlighted to help players quickly grasp battlefield dynamics.

x sense3.gif

x sense1.gif

 x sense.gif


In Honkai: Star Rail

Speed Up Conversations: the feature speeds up conversations by fast-forwarding or skipping dialogue scenes when detected.



In Genshin Impact

various assistance tools are available. For example, when playing Genshin Impact, you can automatically gather items such as treasures, plants, and insects from the ground after opening chests or defeating enemies.

x sense4.gif


Auto Pickup: Automatically collects treasures or gathers plants, insects, and other items after opening chests or defeating enemies.

x sense2.gif


Auto Run: Activates automatic running mode by pressing the floating button while running. (Not available in Domains or certain missions.)



Speed Up Conversations: Fast-forwards or skips dialogue scenes when dialogue is detected.

Quick Escape: Allows your character to quickly break free if frozen or trapped in a bubble during combat.


We look forward to seeing ROG Phone introduce more features compatible with X Sense in the future. Feel free to leave comments letting us know what kind of assistive features you'd like to see!
That concludes this edition of "ROG Phone Mastery: X Sense." See you in the next episode!