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Video Genie.png

Dear gamers,Welcome back to ROG Phone Mastery! In this edition, we're introducing you to the ultimate video-watching assistant tool: the "Video Genie" feature!

Have you ever been interrupted by incoming calls while watching a video attentively? Do you desire a better viewing experience on your phone? If so, then you definitely need to understand "Video Genie"!



So, what exactly is Video Genie?

It's a suite of specific functions available under audio and video applications. Accessed through the slide-out Edge tool, it supports features like "No calls," "No alerts," "Mini notifications," "Background listening," and more.





"No calls" and "No alerts":
Turn on these options to avoid disturbances while watching videos.

Video Genie.gif


"Mini notifications":
When watching videos, activate mini notifications for a visually lighter experience.

Video Genie 1.gif



"Background listening":
With background listening turned on, you can continue enjoying music or videos while using other applications.

Video Genie 2.gif




Enhance your video-watching experience with Video Genie today!