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Welcome back, gamers, to ROG Phone Mastery!
In this edition, we're here to introduce you to a handy feature you might have overlooked - "System Preferences."
Unlock powerful interface customization without the need for rooting your phone.
Let's dive in and explore together!

First, navigate to the settings screen via the following path: "Settings/System Preferences."



ROG Phone offers two system interfaces for players: "Stock Android" and "ASUS Optimized."
By clicking "More," you can adjust the interface for the following seven items:


1. Volume adjustment mode
The new ASUS volume adjustment mode lets youlink different audio items together into one volumeslider, and also lets you customize the volumelimit for each individual audio item.




2. Volume panel switching options
Customize the volume panel switching method,can choose to the native menu to switch, or usethe quick click to switch and choose the methodaccording to your preferences



3. Volume key option for incoming call
Pressing the volume key during incoming calls canmute the ringtone or adjust the ringtone volume.



4. Incoming Call display
Incoming calls can be displayed with heads-upnotifications or full screen.



5. Clock appearance on lock screen
The clock will show big or small size when thescreen is locked. Show big clock when there areno notifications.



6. Quick settings panel style
Display the quick settings panel in Stock Androidor ASUS optimized style. You can go to Quicksettings panel style to adjust more settings.




7. Power button menu
Display the power button menu in Stock Androidor ASUS optimized style. You can go to Powerbutton menu to adjust more settings.






Dear players, let's craft our own personalized settings through "System Preferences" together!