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Shooting Assist.png

 For players who enjoy shooting games, do you often find yourself frustrated due to the challenge of accurately controlling gun recoil? If so, you definitely need to learn about the current "ROG Phone Mastery:Shooting Assist" feature 🤙.

We previously mentioned this functionality in the "ROG Phone Mastery: Ultrasonic Buttons" section. Now, let's guide you on how to set it up.

First, let's introduce this feature to players. "Shooting Assist" is designed to help players enhance firearm stability while playing shooting games by adjusting the assistive trigger pressure settings—a highly practical function!

Players can start by entering the training ground within the game, using their commonly used firearms. Configure the AirTriggers to function as the shooting button, open the AirTriggers/touch settings, and access the shooting assist feature to adjust the assistance intensity.









Taking the screenshot of the P90 from the article as an example, the assistance strength for the P90 is set to 12%. Once the setup is complete, just save it, and you're ready to use it!




Through videos, the noticeable differences before and after using "Shooting Assist" become evident.


Without using "Shooting Assist":

Using "Shooting Assist":

Now, some players might be curious about a scenario where a game involves not just one pistol but requires using two distinct firearms. In such cases, you might wonder if you need to reconfigure the settings when switching weapons.

For this situation, you can simply pair it with the "Quick Control" feature. Set up different AirTriggers profiles for various firearms as virtual buttons, enabling swift switching of configurations!!! 😎

Of course, the effectiveness of controlling gun recoil might be influenced by firearm variations and attachments. In this aspect, players need to become familiar with each firearm within the game and then adjust the "Shooting Assist" settings to suit their preferences 🥰.

And that concludes our coverage of "ROG Phone Mastery: Shooting Assist" for this edition. We welcome all players to share their own configurations!