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Screen off shortcut.png


Hello, gamers! Welcome to this edition of ROG Phone Mastery! Today, we're going to introduce the "Screen off shortcut" feature.

What is the "Screen off shortcut"?
This feature allows you to activate quick functions by double-clicking the volume button when the screen is off. It provides four functions: Quick shot, Record video, Open camera, and Open front camera.

Screen off shortcut.gif


What is Quick shot?
Quick shot allows you to quickly launch the camera and shoot three photos.

Screen off shortcut_1.gif


How to use it?
First, go to Settings/Advanced/Screen off shortcut.
Enable the feature to use it.



After that, simply double press the volume button when the screen is off. You'll feel the phone vibrate immediately, indicating that the camera mode is activated. Depending on your settings, you'll get different results.

If you want to capture exciting moments anytime,
If you don't want to miss any thrilling moments,
Then give the "Screen off shortcut" feature a try!