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ROG Instant Master.png

It's time for another session of ROG Phone Mastery, and in this edition, we'll be delving into the "ROG Instant Master" feature!


Start by launching your game and opening Game Genie. Look out for the "ROG Instant Master" feature within Game Genie.


(If you don't see this feature, it means that ROG hasn't created a profile for the game yet. If you need a profile for a specific game, feel free to leave a comment and let us know!)


Once you open "ROG Instant Master," you'll see two menus: Marco and AirTriggers. You can explore what functions each profile offers through descriptions and images.



Officially released macro will appear here. ROG has been continually introducing practical macro functions for different games. Examples include "One-click to automatically use Combo Skills," "Automatically Clear Main Story Levels," "One-click to automatically defeat monsters," and more. These macros are incredibly useful and can be applied directly.

The usage is quite straightforward. Simply click "Download," then "Use."



 After reopening the Game Genie, activate the Macro function,



 press "Start," and use the play button at the top left corner to trigger the macro.





You can also enhance your gaming experience by using the "Quick Control" feature to transform downloaded macros into virtual touch buttons placed on the screen.






Official AirTriggers profiles are available here, designed to work with or without a fan.

The usage is straightforward: click "Download," then "Use," and it will be automatically applied to your AirTriggers.



You can confirm whether it's successfully applied by checking the AirTriggers' functionality.



P.S: ROG Instant Master feature was introduced with the ROG Phone 7 and is not available on models prior to the ROG Phone 7.


Here is this week's ROG Phone Mastery tutorial, and we'll see you in the next edition.