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Did you know that the ROG Phone has a feature that allows you to set your own virtual buttons?
That's right! 😎😎😎
It's the "Quick Control" feature! 👍
In this edition of I will introduce you to this useful feature in the Game Genie



Just slide open the Game Genie in the game
Click on the Quick Control



 You can add the function which you want to use

There are currently three types of Button settings available



👉 Shortcut function
Including Lock touch, Screen Record, Screenshot, and Scout mode.(exclusive to shooting games)





👉Macro Setting
You can set your own macro in the game and make it a virtual button.
A useful set of combo skills with a tab💪



👉 AirTriggers Settings
Used to play game with AirTriggers
But too many buttons to set?
No problem!
No matter how many sets of buttons you want to set up
Just go to the AirTriggers function first
Save your settings
Set them as Quick Controls on the screen
It's so easy to switch between AirTriggers settings at any time 😋





Although there are several extra buttons on the screen
But the Quick Control provides you to adjust the button size and transparency settings
You can adjust the buttons as you like.

Such a useful feature
Don't miss it, ROG Phone gamers! 🥰🥰🥰