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Front Camera Cutout.png

 ROG Phone 8 has officially hit the shelves! Have you snagged your ROG Phone 8 yet? If you're still on the fence, take a moment to peruse our introduction article and uncover the formidable features of the ROG Phone 8!

In this edition of the ROG Phone Mastery:Front Camera Cutout, we're diving deep into the functionalities of the ROG Phone 8. Are you geared up, gamers? Let's delve into the Front Camera Cutout!

Unveiling the Front Camera Cutout Feature
For some players, the camera cutout on the screen might be a bit bothersome. Fear not! The ROG Phone 8 has thoughtfully provided a feature that allows you to hide the front camera.

How to Access the Feature
Navigate to "Settings/Display/Front camera cutout."
Here, you can individually set whether to hide the camera cutout for each software application.



Game-specific Settings
In the options, you'll notice that "Game" categories are always displayed, managed by the "Armoury Crate Display mode."



For these settings, follow the path "Armoury Crate/Your desired game/Scenario Profiles/Display area."







Diverse In-game Display Options
In gaming scenarios, you have a variety of display area options:

Players can choose the presentation style that suits their preferences and needs.





By configuring these settings, you no longer need to worry about your game screen being obstructed. Coupled with the robust performance of the ROG Phone 8, it undoubtedly ensures a premium gaming experience for all players!