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Edge tool.png

 How practical is the "Edge tool" feature on the ROG Phone? Let's find out in this edition of "ROG Phone Mastery: Edge tool"! 🥰

For avid multitaskers and app enthusiasts, this feature is a must-have! 🤓

To activate the "Edge tool," simply slide out the "Game Genie" while in-game, and click on "Edge tool."


 Alternatively, you can access it through Settings 👉 Advanced 👉 Edge tool.



Once enabled, you can set up to eight different apps and even customize the appearance of the sidebar. Whether you prefer it long, wide, or transparent, you can modify it to your liking. 🤩

Once it's active, just pull out the small white bar that appears on the screen , and you can choose which app to open in a small window.




 If you open more than one app, the remaining ones will automatically turn into small white bubbles that won't obstruct your view, tucked away in the corner.




 When needed, simply tap to open and switch between them. 👍


Here's a handy tip from the editor: Use the "Edge tool" to keep track of game updates, so you don't have to keep staring at the screen every time an update is due. 🥳

Have you mastered the convenience and usefulness of the "Edge tool" feature? 😎