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Hey, ROG Phone gamers!
In this edition of "ROG Phone Mastery:Crosshair," we're here to bring you practical features for FPS games. Are you ready to delve deeper into the world of ROG Phone functionalities?
Let's get started!

So, what exactly is the "Crosshair" feature?
In simple terms, it's an auxiliary aiming reticle placed outside the original crosshair. Even without using a scope, you can effortlessly target opponents.



Additionally, the Crosshair feature also offers various reticle types, colors, transparency levels, and sizes.You can even customize its position, allowing you the freedom to adjust it as you please. This feature can be flexibly utilized, especially when sniping, to achieve precise aiming without zooming in.



After activating the Crosshair feature, the reticle becomes ultra-clear.After activating the Crosshair feature, the reticle becomes ultra-clear.


 Why not give the Crosshair feature a try, players?