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Background Mode.png

 Have you updated your ROGPhone 6?

You know that ROG Phone 6 secretly added a super great function in the game genie It is the "Background Mode"!

While Background Mode is active, the game will continue to work in the background if you minimize it, or turn the screen off.


In this edition of "ROG Phone Mastery:Background Mode" is to teach you more advanced use of this mode

First of all, let's understand how to use the "Background Mode" First, make sure your phone is updated with the .195 version If you don't receive the update notification. You can go to the official website to update manually. Update instruction is available at

If the update is completed Open the game 👉Open the game genie You can see the new "Background Mode"



below It is also very simple to use it. While the Background Mode is active back to the main screen. Keep the game in the background. You can hang up easily


Isn't that simple?

But I want to introduce a few more advanced uses The first one is Free Youtube background music!

Just add youtube to your game list Open youtube and turn on Background Mode. You can listen to music and do other things at the same time.




The second method is After I tested with Zoom video call. With the "Background Mode" The video camera is still active. This means that you can play the game at the same time. (Error demonstration)

These are the two advanced uses that I have found so far by using the Background Mode. Do you find any other cool uses? Feel free to tell me in the comments below

That's it for this edition of "ROG Phone Mastery:Background Mode"!

Thank you for reading!