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 Welcome back, gamers, to ROG Phone Mastery.
Iin this edition, we will introduce the "AppLock" feature.
ROG Phone comes with a built-in AppLock that allows players to easily protect their important privacy from being seen by others!
Let's take a look at how to use it!


First, long press on the home screen.



Select "Preferences" to find the AppLock feature.
Tap on "AppLock".



You can choose from four unlock methods according to your preference: Pattern unlock, PIN unlock, Fingerprint unlock, and Face unlock.



You can also set up Password Rescuer as a precaution in case you forget your password.



After setting it up,
select the apps you want to lock.
This completes the AppLock setup.
You can also tap the small gear icon in the top right corner to enter more detailed settings.
Adjust the settings according to your habits!



With AppLock, your privacy is in your hands. Customize it to suit your needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing your important information is secure. Explore the power of ROG Phone and keep your data protected effortlessly. Happy gaming!