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Community Admin
Community Admin

Happy Starfield launch! To play the game with early access, please install our Ryzen Z1 Extreme GPU driver v31.0.21029.6002, which adds support for this incredible new title. You can download it manually here or through MyASUS. Note that you may need to open the Microsoft Store app and check for updates in order to get the latest AMD Adrenalin software as well.

iGPU driver: v31.0.21029.6002 on 9/2/23 through MyASUS

  • Added support for Bethesda's Starfield.
  • Bug Fix: Addressed an issue where Adobe Lightroom would hang after applying the mask function.
  • Bug Fix: Addressed an issue that would render abnormal characters in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega39's+.

Level 7

However reduces performance and increases fps stutters in existing games such as; Baldur's Gate 3, Forza Horizon 5, Path of Exile, and Metro Exodus... This is a bad driver... for 1 game that is barely playable. I'd advise to wait. Discussion here

Community Admin
Community Admin

I understand these is mostly a different set of game titles, but some people have reported significant performance gains in other games including Forza Horizon 5.
Wondering if you updated the BIOS from a previous version as well when you updated the iGPU driver. 

Level 7

Many users are reporting significant drop of performance after this update. Many games are getting tearing and drop of 15-20 fps. Are you guys aware of this and currently working on a fix?

Level 7

After update this new driver and amd adrenaline, my before game i play hogwart legacy get more tearing and stutering, not smoth like before driver , i need rollback that driver, and i know starfield no crash after update , but only 1 game playable and another game suffer no point mah, please fixed dev, and my amd adrenaline cant add game or scan game , and i cant turn on/of the function 

Level 7

I updated the drivers and starfield works, but I found big performance degradation on other games. Now I've downgraded and given up playing Starfield. Is there any news of an upcoming update?

Level 7

This driver update bricked my Ally! What the actual ******?? It hard crashes the entire system within minutes of booting up. How the ****** do I roll this garbage back!?

Level 7

I used to have an issue with my old AMD graphic driver. Well, my laptop was old and updates didn't help as I decided to upgrade my system to Windows 11 (do not recommend for old laptops). I enjoy learning history and I keep things in closet that I have a special attach. I'm glad to observe that students back to learn attack on Perl Harbor again as it's part of the history.  And good article about why students should study it is linked here . I think all old historical events should be reveal and no hidden documents. And not all new changed is so good (as my experience with AMD and new Wind OS).

Level 7

New GPU Driver v31.0.21029.6002 installed through MyASUS causing infinite loading screen for EAFC 24 game. I tried looking for older drivers to install on AMD's Drivers and Support website but I'm unable to find the ROG Ally's graphics card "AMD Radeon Graphics" as shown on my device manager.


Does anyone have a solution to this? I tried to press roll back but it doesn't allow me to click on the button. Is it possible to download the suitable driver so I can fix this?

Level 10

@Kieron FC24 stuck on splash screen is a known bug with the current Asus graphics driver.

You can either wait for Asus to release updated drivers, or you can follow these instructions to install the latest AMD driver (23.10.2) which fixes this issue.