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Community Admin

BIOS 336 available now via Windows Update (optional) 

·        Update authenticated key for Microsoft 24H2 version 

iGPU driver v31.0.22023.6003 from 1/17 via Windows Update (optional) or 1/18 via product support page

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that prevented EA SPORTS FC™ 24 trial version from launching. 
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that there might be random on-off sound from Bluetooth headphones while Ally is connected to an external monitor happened randomly.


Download directly here.


We've released a new update to Armoury Crate SE, with a few small enhancements and a quick access TDP slider. To adjust TDP on the fly, put your Ally in Manual Mode and you’ll be able to change the SPL, SPPT, and FPPT right from the Command Center. 

We also know our community is anxiously awaiting the release of a new driver supporting AMD Fluid Motion Frames. While AMD has recently launched this feature on desktop platforms, the driver still requires some testing on our end, and then will await certification from AMD before the final ROG Ally release. We know you are very excited to try out AFMF (we are too!), and we’re working to get it to you as soon as possible. 

ACSE 1.4.10 on 01/29 through Armoury Crate SE 

Ÿ   Enhancement: Added quick Manual Mode adjustment options for SPL, SPPT, and FPPT in the Command Center. 

Ÿ   Enhancement: Users can now assign the Gyro Enable feature to multiple buttons. 

Ÿ   Enhancement: A “Never show again” option has been added to the Campaign popup. 

Ÿ   Enhancement: New Game Profiles will have their Operating Mode set to "Unassigned" to prevent conflicts when changing the global Operating Mode through Command Center. 


Level 7

Oii 🙂 Parabéns pelo post.. Aqui já está tudo normal, EA 24 rodando mto bem! Asus tarda mas não falha, estou mto satisfeita.. (Pessoal é só manter tudo atualizado que já deu certo)

For the sake of others, please translate before posting. Thanks.



Level 7

Hogwarts Legacy, Elden Ring etc stopped launching after this update. Rolled back one driver and everything is fine again. Just a heads up of potential conflicts of some kind.

Level 7

From what I can tell, these drivers killed anything that runs on Vulkan. 

Edit: For Example, I can run Path of Exile with DirectX Renderer, but if I switch it to Vulkan, the game will not start.  Then I need to manually change the renderer back to DirectX to get the game to launch again.

It seems anything I have on my Ally that uses Vulkan is broken.  I hate having to keep doing a system restore in order to fix it.

Level 7

This new update broke all emulators. You cant even open some of them. Like citra or yuzu. 

Level 7


Level 7

Does anybody can guide me on how to to back to the previous build?

Level 7

Had the same issue with Vulkan breaking. Yuzu and RPCS3 broke.

The fix is actually so easy and you DON'T have to do a system restore or clean reinstall of windows....  go to system, installed apps, then search for 'package compatibility opencl opengl vulkan' and uninstall it.

Idk if this is something that comes bundled with this update or something that Microsoft themselves push but it's kinda dumb. Anyway, after that, the update is fine and works as ASUS intended.

Yuzu, RPCS3, Doom 2016 and literally anything that requires Vulkan works perfectly.

And if it still doesn't work after that or wanna go back to the previous driver, go to device manager, display adapters, AMD Radeon Graphics, Driver and click on Roll Back Driver. Should work fine after a restart. And if all else fails, get DDU and wipe out any display drivers then reinstall your driver of choice. Heads up, though, if you use DDU to do it, the touchscreen will NOT work (cause it won't have any display drivers installed anymore) so have a mouse and keyboard to navigate your Ally.

Hope it helps.

Level 7

Hey Gabe it worked. Thank you so much for your help.

Level 8

THANKS A LOT GABECOOL, I became crazy last days !