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Z690 Maximus Glacial in Water Cooled Lian Li EVO and ROG 3090 Strix OC24 and EKWBs

Level 8
This was my first attempt to water cool a PC. It’s not as cool as the Batman desk posted here on the forum, but it took me 4-5 days and 60 hours of labor and 3 months of shipping delays. A lot of measuring, bending, and cutting. Almost gave up twice when my last bend on the 3-bend tubes went wrong, or I cut the wrong side of a perfectly bent one after being sleep deprived for 4 days straight. The finished product is not too shabby:





Here comes the full specs:

Asus ROG Z690 Maximus Extreme Glacial
Intel i9-12900K 5200MHz
4x DDR5 16GB G.Skill Trident Z5 6400MHz 32-39-39-102
2TB Samsung 980 Pro M.2
Corsair HX1200 PSU
Lian Li O11 EVO case
EK-Classic DP Side PC-O11D G1 D-RGB + DDC 4.2 PWM
EK-Quantum Vector Strix RTX 3080/3090 Active Backplate D-RGB - Plexi
EK-Quantum Vector Strix RTX 3080/3090 D-RGB - Nickel + Plexi
Bitspower 4 Modules D-RGB Ram Block
2x Hardware Labs Nemesis GTS 360 Radiators
7x Cooler Master MF120 ARGB Fans (6 push, 1 pull)
17x Bitspower G1/4 16mm Black Sparkle Fittings
Bitspower Crystal Link 16mm Acrylic Tubes
Bitspower 16mm Black Sparkle Rotary 90 Degrees Elbow
Bitspower Water Exhaust/Drain
Bitspower Push Button Air Exhaust
Asus ROG TKL Cherry MX Red Keyboard
Modified ELECOM Trackball Mouse

I’m using Samsung G9 at 240Hz with nVidia Sync. System runs mostly cool. Temperatures are around 70C-80C CPU during full load, Ram around 50C, and GPU 69C-75C during benchmarks. Constantly get 18200 to 18700 score in Superposition 4K test. Maximum stable ram I could get was 5400 @ 32-32-32-51 but it performs slightly better at 32-32-32-96 for some reasons.

Level 11
Awesome build 🙂