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x570 ROG HERO + ASUS SYNC + many ARGB devices..

Level 7
FIrst of all hi,
secondly, MODERATORS if this is NOT the correct Forum for this Thread please move my thread.

I need your help/advice.
my main build is ASUS x570 ROG HERO VIII and the case is INTERTECH INFINI 2. I have done (with a friend's help) a lot of modding regarding ARGB devices. This is 100% argb build.
here is a list of the ARGB devices we have added:
VGA Holders vertical and Horizontal, backplates, 4 lighting bars, 4 coolermaster prismatic fans, 2 argb strip lights, Lian Li strimmer plus cables (24 and 8 pins).

here is the problem. We have added most of these on the ARGB controller that came with the box (INTERTECH infini2) we filled it and now we tried to put SPLITTERS (coolermaster argb splitters) to power some external argb devices. we have an issue that once we put more devices now the rest of the devices go haywire.

what can we do to solve this issue? is the problem we have put a lot of weight on the ARGB controller? is is a problem with the header?

what choices do we have? i am thinking of buying more contollers (like coolermaster to lower the pain). I will upload pictures later.

PS the pc also uses corsair icue products that integrates wtih ASUS aura...

should i focus more on the icue side?

Level 7
hi! question how many devices can i have to one GEn2 header?

Each RGB draws ~60mA of current so with a 3A limit of the motherboard you could power up to ~50 RGB LEDS (approx).( so 2 strips with 25LEDS) I suggest you find a controller like the coolermaster that runs off your PSU as you are powering a lot of gear. Although you can run splitter cables I would suggest buying two and daisy chaining them, that will give you 8 ARGB ports.