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Will an RTX 4090 fit an mATX TUF motherboard?

Level 8
Looking at pairing the new TUF Gaming B650M Plus WiFi with a STRIX RTX 4090. Looking at the PCIE slot, it appears that a 3.5-4-slot GPU will overhang the edge of the board and not allow any connections there to be usable. Will this combo not work? 😞



Level 7
I'm confused by what you are asking, of course the board will fit and work, it will fit on any board with a PCI-16x slot, be it ATX, mATX or ITX. Will it cover up the bottom PCI-E slot? yes, that doesnt make it completely unusable though. Like if you were going to use that 2nd slot for expanded nvme storage, you could just use a small rise cable to make the slot usable again (I did this before, where i used a small riser cable to mount my nvme expansion card at a 90 degree angle to the slot.

In my current build i have a 4090 connected to a x670e-i ITX board.

What are you attempting to do with the 2nd PCIE slot?