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Which software is the best for lighting control?

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I've done clean Windows 11 install. Everything is working fine but I can't find the way to control my lighting.
I have Asus motherboard, gpu, stripes and additional terminal which allows me to install extra stripes.

1. First I installed old Asus aura software. Everything is working fine but when I choose by areas setting my motherboard is invisible. I have all stripes, terminal logo and VGA, which is displayed many times. I can't fix this so I removed Asus aura and additional components.

2. Next I installed Aura create. I allowed to install all services and components. I have even additional services for patriot and other RGB memory which I don't have. Of course Aura create don't see my terminal. I don't know how to set brightness for each component, it's impossible? And where is option to turn off lighting after shutdown?

This software is stupid and hard to use. I have installed many useless services which I must remove. For example patriot RGB memory lighting.

Which software version is the best? Old Aura, Aura create, armory? Which version should I get to have simple tool which allow me to set color and brightness for each component?


Armoury Crate is ASUS's primary solution for lighting. Aura creator is for more advanced lighting routines so if you just want something simple you only need Crate.

Since you are having issues it could be due to having installed an old version first. On the Support page for you ASUS motherboard you can expand the categories and locate the Uninstaller Tool. This will allow you to remove more and allow for a clean reinstall.
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Which software would you recommend for lighting control? Lightkey does all of the colors and fades lightning fast (only 2.2 ms per DMX channel!) on a laptop, but I’ve heard that there are other pieces of software that are better. What do you guys think?

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Hey Piotrl,

I totally understand your frustration, and I've been down this road before. When it comes to lighting control software, it can be a bit of a headache to find the perfect one, especially with multiple components like you have.

In my experience, Aura Create can be quite complicated, as you mentioned, with all those additional services and compatibility issues. The older Asus Aura software might be a bit more straightforward, but it seems like you had issues with it too.

I'd suggest giving Armory Crate a shot. It's known for being more user-friendly and integrates well with Asus hardware. It should help you control your lighting without too much hassle. Plus, it often receives updates to improve performance and fix issues.

As for controlling brightness for each component, it can be a bit tricky with some software. You might need to explore each component's settings individually, but Armory Crate should offer more flexibility in this regard.

In your case, I'd recommend trying Armory Crate and making sure all your motherboard and GPU drivers are up to date. That should help you achieve the lighting control you desire.

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oh i tried but i really can't understand how it works. I tried installing it via this highly techloky. And I don't know what it will be like.

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Najs it works for me !   but i use apkninja