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USEFUL THREADS - Read before Modding!

Level 8
Read before you mod your machine!

While overclocking and case modding is awesome, please be aware that pushing your system to its limits will put a great deal of stress on your components and may void your warranty. Overclocking your system is at your own risk and ASUS or Republic of Gamers is not responsible for any harm done to you or your system.

Remember upgrading to aftermarket cooling units may void your warranty. Always take safety and caution first!

Finally, if you do bite the bullet and start a mod: remember the golden rule of MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE.

Mods deems sufficiently superb by ROG management will be promoted to the front page of the site to share with the world (pending permission from and 100% credit to the modder)!

Useful Threads:

G51/53/71/73 Keyboard Mod

Guide to Tools for PC & Case Modding

HOW TO GUIDE: Cable manage your ROG PC

HOW TO GUIDE: Building an ROG PC


Level 7
Sabertooth Z87 - Can anyone share a diagram or schematic showing what screws need to be removed to lift off the top thermal armor cover?

guys please vote for me, so that i can become roger too . Paste any of the three lines from this post to this thread***4K-UHD-Wallpaper-Competition***-Rules-and-voting&c...

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it seems good

Level 7
Thanks for this informations, will be a good start point

Level 7
Thanks for the great set of resources and information, should come in handy when I'm ready to start my next build or when I start one for my friend- DJ Emir of Denver's Best DJs

My recent dual AIO build. Ryuo 240 on the CPU with 4 fan push/pull (i9 9900ks OC to 5.1x8 with 0 AVX Offset) XMPII 3600 on the DDR4. Dual 2TB m.2 3x4 970 EVO NVME's in RAID-0 all sitting on a Maximus XI Hero WIFI. EVGA 2080 Super Hybrid (OC x 9101 on mem and 2055 on GPU) with 2 fan push/pull on the built in AIO 120. All stable thanks to the water and 14 total fans. ROG Lian Li 011 XL Dynamic and ROG for every accessory. Cheaper than a custom loop and more fun to build honestly. Hope you enjoy the photos.