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Two different RGB controllers at same time

Level 7

Since there will be new Z390 chipset release i am planning to get ROG Maximus MB and equip the build with some fancy RGB content.
I plan:
- to use Corsair lighting node pro with 8 LED strips
- to spice up bequiet's SilentWings 140mm fans with Silverstone's FG142 RGB add-ons

I believe there won't be any significant changes to RGB headers on the new motherboard lineup compared to Z370 family so I assume the connection options will be the same:
2 x Aura Addressable Strip Header(s) and
2 x Aura RGB Strip Headers

Since Corsair is not promising any compatibility with other vendor's products I will probably need to use Silverstone's LSB01/02 controller to manage the FG142 grilles.

Question is: can I connect BOTH controllers - lighting node pro (to support the LED strips) AND LSB02 to support FG142's at the same time? or can I connect actually FG142 to RGB Headers directly on the motherboard?

thank you