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TT Tower 900

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share some pics with the start of a Thermaltake Tower 900 build. I chose this case because it supports two 560mm radiators and two pumps/reservoirs for two liquid cooling loops. What I'm after is silent, high performance cooling.

Case - Thermaltake Tower 900
Motherboard - ROG Strix Z690-F Gaming WiFi
CPU - i7 12700KF
Memory - Kingston Fury Beast 16GB 6000MT/s
GPU - ROG Strix 3090 Ti LC OC
SSD - Seagate Firecuda 530 1TB
Fan controller - Lamptron FC5-V3
Case fans - 2x Gelid Solutions Wing 14 uv Blue in the front and 2x stock 140mm fans in the rear
PSU - EVGA Supernova 1600w T2 Titanium

Water cooling:

Fittings - EK Quantum Torque STC 10/16mm (3/8 x 5/8)
CPU water block - EK Quantum velocity2
GPU water block (soon to come) - EK Quantum Vector2 ABP set
Pump/Res - 2x Swiftech Maelstrom X300 D5 V2
Radiators - 2x Hardware Labs SR2 560 MP
Radiator fans - 8x Thermaltake Ring 14 Blue
Tubing - Koolance uv/clear 3/8 x 5/8 soft tubing
Coolant - Koolance 702 uv blue
Temperature sensors - 2x Alphacool Eiszapfen flat stop plug sensors- chrome

I like how the Tower 900 is laid out with the hardware in the front and the radiators in the back, there are three glass panels to see in the front and both sides. But, I have two cons with this case.

1) It's Big, it's Bulky and it's Heavy. Empty it weighs 54 pounds, by the time it's built expect it to weigh 100 pounds.

2) Airflow - This case is meant for liquid cooling EVERYTHING and the front does not offer proper airflow, you get one exhaust fan above the motherboard and a hard drive fan mount in the center of the case. The vents at the bottom allow cool air to be drawn in.

Other than that, it's a solid well built pc case.


As I'm waiting to get a few more things, I went ahead and made a few changes. I took the two stock 140mm fans and put them on the back panel as exhaust and added two 140mm uv blue fans. There are no hard drives, it's just to help move air and hopefully give off a uv glow.


I flushed the radiators with hot distilled water, I didn't use any chemicals such as Mayems blitz or vinegar. The one radiator took 40 flushes, yes 40, until absolutely nothing came out. If I saw one particle it got it again, the other radiator took only 10 flushes.

A tip about the HWL radiators - I don't know if this holds true with all their radiators but the screws HWL provide with the SR2 560 MP are not long enough to use with a mounting bracket, you'll need to purchase 4x30mm screws to use a mounting bracket.

The Tower 900 comes with pump/reservoir mounting brackets for Thermaltake's pumps/reservoirs and they didn't match up with the Swiftech Maelstrom pump/res combos.


So out came their mounting brackets and I drilled holes in the bottom of the case to mount them, but I ran into an issue here too. The Swiftech mounting brackets are too wide, I had to make four cuts to get them to fit flush on the bottom.

Two cuts for each pump/res, this is one.


After that, they test fit nicely.


More to come.

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Community Admin
Can't wait to see the finished product!
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Hi MasterC

Yes me too, one of the things I like about the new motherboards is they come with M.2 heatsinks. I'll install the Firecuda 530 and see how this goes then install the cpu and velocity2 water block. The EK Quantum Velocity2 water block comes with Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut but I'll use Kryonaut.

EK has a torque screwdriver to prevent you from giving too much torque and stripping threads, this is a good tool to have as an insurance policy when working with your water cooling gear.


Up until now I've been using a sata 3 ssd, I'm hoping to notice more snappiness opening web pages, programs and such and a faster windows install with the Firecuda 530. This was also my first time installing an M.2 ssd and with the motherboard heatsinks to boot.

I don't like to force things but once I got over the fear of pushing the ssd in until I heard a click, I knew it was then seated in the slot. At the other end is a fastening clip, turn it 45/90 degrees clockwise to secure, it was all set and ready for the Firecuda 530 which is a 2280 ssd.

There are two thermal pads, one on the removable top part of the heatsink and one on the bottom. You'll want to remove the thin plastic protective film from each. ASUS made this easy and I'm looking forward to thermal results.

I opted to use the M.2_1 slot.

Sorry for the blur

I have to say the motherboard M.2 heatsinks seem to be of good quality, they're hefty metal with nice design that enhances the motherboard, maybe they're made of aluminum?

The i7-12700KF is installed and cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol, Kryonaut is applied so let's install the Velocity2 cpu water block.

I put two lines of kryonaut long ways down the cpu IHS, then spread it as evenly as I could. Taking your time here and getting it spread evenly will reward you with good temps, I used an old credit card to spread the Kryonaut.


The way the Velocity2 water block mounts gives the water block and motherboard a super clean look. The EK torque screwdriver worked well, if I didn't have it, I may not have gone tight enough with the mounting screws.

I propped the motherboard up on the one side enough I could get the mounting bracket under then gently set the block in place, got one screw started then did all four. I went around clockwise keeping even tension on the screws. At one point I thought about stopping, but I kept going until the screwdriver clicked.

You can route the ARGB cable how you like, I took it under and around the block and came out at the ram slots as there is an ARGB Gen 2 header right there.

This looks nice, all is going well so far.


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The Velocity 2 is definitely a step up from EK's usual / classic look. Great build!

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Thanks Silent Scone !

This is my first EK cpu water block and wow it lights up nice, you have the uv effect going on too.

The Matrix 7 design is a great idea for their water blocks and distro plates, ideal for hard tubing such as yours but wouldn't look good with soft tubing.

I see you took yours around a 90 degree corner into a distro plate with the tubing nice and straight.

That's really nice, you do good work, I dig the colors and uv.

I don't see any games recommending 32GB of memory yet so I went with 16GB of Kingston Fury Beast 6000MT/s, this memory kit has no RGB. MegaTransfers is the new measurement for memory speed, although according to HWinfo it reads the same as MegaHertz.

I installed the memory into the recommended slots A2-B2 and installed the motherboard into the case.


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Well done and awating your final product show case. Kudos to you.