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Trading PC Build 2016

Level 7
Afternoon all.

This will be my thread for building my trading PC. As I stated in my "welcome to the forum" post - I have built a couple computers in the past. About 15 years ago I built one for myself and a friend of mine. It was fun, and really wasn't too difficult. For some reason, after that I went back to buying them.

I trade for a living so I need a good setup with multiple monitors. I'll post some pics of my current setup at some point but basically it has 5 monitors as I have 3 trading platforms, and several charts open on any given trading day. This was built by a Trading Computer Company and it's about 4 years old. It's been a decent system but I've had a few problems with it but that is beyond the scope of this.

In my new build I am starting with 1 GTX 1080 card and I'm going to try to parse down my monitors to 3 or 4.

Also I am a pilot and I like to practice shooting approaches on X-Plane. My current system runs X-Plane ok, but I can't get my monitors to get the angles I want. This new video card should have no problem doing what I need it to do.

In fact the build itself is probably overkill for what I need.

As many of you know, computer building was a lot different back 15 years ago. While I am confident I will be able to do this I'm smart enough to know I will probably have alot of questions! In fact, I'm sure of it!!

But for now - Amazon just delivered all my boxes. So I set them up in my spare room and took some pictures. So we'll end this thread with some pics of my new system and probably later tonight I'll post more pictures with questions!!

The Build:
Asus Z170 Deluxe MOBO
Intel i7-6700K
G Skill Trident 3200 Ram (2x16GIG) 32 Gig total
Asus GTX 1080 ROG STRIX (tried to get the OC version but was sold out on Newegg and Amazon resellers wanted way too much)
Corsair H100i Cooler
Corsair HX1000i PSU
Asus BD player
3 or 4 LED Corsair Fans