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The Tower 100 (gold) build - B550-I and Thermalright Phantom Spirit

Level 7

So I built a computer at the beginning of 2023, here are the pertinent infos to lead up to my question ;

- B550-I 
- Ryzen 7 5700G
- Wraith Stealth cooler
- ASUS Dual 3060 Ti OC 8G
- Corsair RM650x PSU

This setup was nice, with the stock fans, but I was looking for better cooling. So I dropped in three 140mm fans - one on top of the PSU shroud and one on the top side of the upper case, both moving air towards the top. The third (less pertinent) exhausts out the back, for whatever little air makes it there.

Now, I decided to upgrade my 5700G to a 5800X, to take full advantage of the PCIe 4 for both my M.2 and my 3060 Ti. That meant the Wraith Stealth was no longer a viable cooler. Removal actually caused a heart-sinking moment - the Noctua NT-H2 never let go and the CPU ripped out of the socket and required some... finessing to get off the cooler.

I dropped in the 5800X with a Thermalright Phantom Spirit, 2x 120mm fans on a 7 tube dual radiator. 

I now have clearance issues with the USB 3.2 Gen 1 header (20-pin). I've read that many people broke off their headers trying to fit the thick dual cable plug with their massive stress-reliefs on there, so what is the best workaround to be able to plug in my front side USB cable? There is no room for those 90 degree header blocks.

And if any of you have this particular case, what is your trick for cable management in this rather spacious yet quite restrictive case?

Thanks in advance