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The B-2 stealth pc desk

Level 7

So I'm very new to this forum and just got in to some pc case modding. This project that I've just started is my first ever custom pc desk that I'm making so i thought I would share it with you guys. I've documented alot of the progress so far so I will add some pictures as the project is progressing.

I will also mention that this is kind of a budget build since my plans at the moment are that I will put my current pc in this desk wich includes the following parts:

Intel i5 6500
240mm A-I-O cooling
16gb 3000mhz ram
GTX 1070
650watt psu

This is something that I hopefully will be available to update pretty soon since a pc-desk is not really complete without a custom water cooling loop. But for the moment there is just not enough €€/$$.

I've named the desk B-2 Stealth since i think that the shape of the desk reminds me alot of the B-2 stealth bomber jet so nothing more fancy or cheesy just a shape thingy! 😛

So hope you enjoy what i have done so far and i will keep you posted.

CHEERS :cool:

Level 7
Here are some more progress pics. Many more coming really soon;)

Looking forward to the final build 😄

Also looking great so far!

Thanks man! 🙂

So i also have some very good news about the stealth desk and as it seems it will have a custom liquid cooling loop after all !!! 😄

Stay tuned for more news and pictures soon.

Have a great one!

Here are some progress pics. And yes the build now has rgb lighting. 😛


Here's a small update, I made a PSU cover of a sheet of metal to hide some of the cables. I also made some strips of metal and glued them to the edges of the window to make a cleaner look at where it meets the desk and to hide some of the led strips.

I'm waiting for alot of parts to arrive this week, some cables to make the ssd side of the mobo look and work better and I'm also waiting for the parts for my custom water cooling loop to arrive.

Yieepp its true Alphacool has decided to sponsor my build and has sent me all the parts that i need to make my custom watercooling loop for both my cpu and gpu. This is going to be great so a HUGE THANKS to ALPHACOOL and AQUATUNING.COM for making this possible.

More pics will be uploaded as soon as parts starts to arrive!


I made a short test video for the desk just to upload my first youtube video and to prepare for the video i will try to make of the watercooling gear that will arrive this week 😄 so feel free to check out current progress if you are interested and stay tuned for a bigger update really soon.


Level 10
Nice table! 🙂
Is it completely finish or not?

Hello guys,

sorry for the late update but here it is.

A very big shout out to Alphacool and Aquatuning for delivering the parts needed for the Custom loop!

Hope you guys like it 😄

I'm also going to take some nicer pictures soon!

Also if you have any suggestions for the colour of the liquid please let me know. I have the following colours I can use:
-Mayhems pastel white
-Mayhems blue dye
- Mayhems uv pink
- Mayhems uv laser green dye

I think I'm going for the pastel white whit some blue dye in it to give it a light pastel blue colour. Let me know what you think!


No leaks and ITS COOL!