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[Snef] Compilation of build ive done with asus hardware

Level 8
Hi everyone

this one is unusual, instead of one build log,
this is a small compilation of build I've done with Asus stuff/Motherboard in the last couple of years
I will put only Asus hardware in specs, want to keep it short loll

the last one I did is Steiner
Maximus VIII Gene with 6600k and 2 Asus GTX980ti reference

Violet Reality
this one is specially built for using it with an HTC Vive and HTPC
Maximus VIII Gene with Intel i7-6700k with a Titan X Pascal

Tenebrae: The Division
this one is my second personal build on The Division Theme, use it in my shop for photo/Video editing, gaming and vinyl cutting/printing
Rampage V Extreme with I7-5930k, 2 x Asus GTX980ti and Asus Xonar Phoebus

this one is for a friend
Intel i7-5820k with Asus X99 Sabertooth with 2 X Asus GTX980 reference

Tropical Voodoo
Intel i7-6700k with Asus Maximus VIII Gene and a Titan (first one)

Devil eye
this one is special for me, I built this one for Asus CES 2016, still my main gaming computer
intel i7-6700k with Maximus VIII Formula and a Strix GTX980Ti

The Necromancer
for the same friend for Violet Reality but this one is only for gaming
Intel i7-6700k with Maximus VIII Gene and 2 x Asus GTX980Ti reference

That's it for 2016

now last year and older

Green Carnage
intel i5-6600k on a Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark S

Gold Wings,
another special for me, this is my first Mod who win a competition, this build is still at EKWB head office lobby
Intel I7-4790k on a Maximus VII impact and a Strix GTX970

Icy Blue Angel II
this one is my Wife's computer and she still use it ad don't want new one
Intel i5-4670k on a Asus Z87 Gryphon with 2 x Asus GTX780

Bloody Angel
Intel i7-5930k on a Asus X99 deluxe with 3 x GTX780 HOF

Red Poseidon
my first test bench, now only use in air colling for real testing
Intel i7-3770k on a Maximus V Extreme with 2 x 7970

Icy Blue Angel
this is the first build ive made for my wife
intel i5-2500k on a Asus Z77 Sabertooth with a 7970

Extreeemmme red Demon
my frst real mod/build and remember cost me a LOT of money because made a lot of error in planning
Intel i7-3770k on a Maximus V Extreme with 3 x 7970

That's it for now, I know I forgot one or two like sand of angel

Level 7
As always, I admire your builds. I hope to get to see a few in person some day.

Level 7
Those are great builds and loved the layout .. see all of your cool builds from most resent to so of your first! Awesome work!

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Level 8
Thanks Guys

@duality maybe in not so long, who know?

Wow, I like everyone of your builds. You always do nice, neat, clean work.

I don't think I can pick a favorite they all look so good. 🙂

Those are all INCREDIBLE!!! Very impressive!