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[Scratch Build] The Razor's Edge, custom made case, watercooling, LED.

Level 7

Hello ROG community.

This is my first post on this forum and after some case modification under my belt i decided to try my self with a scratch case this time.
The case will be made from an steel sheet of 2mm thickness. All the parts will be custom made and i am going to weld them when i complete the whole project. Also i decided to powder coat this case because i found a local shop with cheap prices and i am tired of the sanding and spraying process again.

The hardware of the case is still to be decided, because i dont have a tight time frame and i dont know when i am gonna finish this project. The watercooling parts are going to be from EK-Waterblocks (we discussed a sponsorship request and they seem to agree). Ill try to make the case look like as much as i can with the Sketchup model and provide detailed work log.

I am also sponsored by aquating.
Aquatuning is a German company with many products around watercooling and case modding. You can check their website here From the first moment of our communication they were very friendly and helpful. A must have partner for every case modder.
Here are the sketchup of the case.