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rog strix 650w gold psu gpu cable

Level 7
hi all
could anyway tell me where i could buy a replacement 8 pin gpu cable for the rog strix 650w gold psu
i cant seem to find a link to buy 1 from anywhere
or a wiring diagram so i could attempt to make 1 thanks
and sorry if this is posted in the wrong section

Level 8
Did you even bother to do an online search? I found hundreds of cables in a few seconds????? Also you will have a hard time making one, as they have embedded capacitors in the cables.

yes i did do an online search
i cant remember asking anything about corsair gpu cables which is what you linked to and can you show me where these hundreds of rog strix gpu cables are then as i can only find 1 and that's with cable mods for £35
it maybe difficult for some one like you to understand electrical engineering but you don't need embedded capacitors you can leave them out
maybe you should look at what i was asking before replying like a muppet
thanks for replying with useless information

Level 8
try search for Seasonic Focus Plus Gold cables i think they are the same cables

You F.U.C.K.I.N Retard Corair use Seasonic as the base for most of their PSU's......A Rog strix 650 watt PSU is a Seasonic dumb arse. A Corsair 650watt PSU is a Seasonic. Do you now understand?

Oh wait Seasonic cables are not what you asked for you muppet, oh and neither are Corsair ....just cause it doesnt say for asus rog does not mean it will not fit. Next time someone tries to help you don't insult them as you just end up looking like a fool.

Like I said there are hundreds of adds on e-bay, amazon and the web for cables that will suit your PSU.