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ROG Hyperion GR701 case- connect secound usb c cable

Level 7

hello to everyone,

My new Hyperion case has two usb c connecting cables from case side but my Maximus Z790 Extreme just one usb c connector.

I searched for adapters or cables in the net but didn't found something, not even the ASUS customer support was able to support me with a solution!

Maybe there is a workable idea from somebody here in the forum- thank you for ideas!


Level 14


The Maximus Z790 Extreme has the single USB 3.2 2x2 type E header and a Thunderbolt 4 type C header.  I don't know exactly what internal cables the Hyperion has from its front panel (can't find a picture or manual for it), but there are both styles of C-to-E / E-to-C adapters out there, which should let you use the TB4 port for the 2nd type C (i.e. to plug a C cable into an E header, or an E cable into a C header).

Thanky you very much Murph-9000 for your feedback!  USB 3.2 2x2 (Gen 2x2) Typ C  cables.and two USB 3.2. (Gen 1) cables. I was just wondered that there were no infos regarding this. Anyway I will search for an adapter.

Thank you so much for your engagement !


Level 9

I added one of the many add-on cards to connect that 2nd USB Cable. Mine was only 10Gbps but if you want a 20 Gbps see here on Amazon they sell such;