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ROG GT51CA Upgrading for Dream Machine?

Level 7
I have dream build in mind, but it would require using the GT51 Case as a base. I want to put these components inside the case:

Asus Rampage V Edition 10 Motherboard
Intel i7 6900K Processor
128 GB of G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 Memory
Dual Asus ROG Strix Geforce GTX 1080TI O11C in SLI
ROG HB SLI Bridge w/Aura Lighting
Corsair Liquid Cooling
Corsair Power Supply
More Storage, etc..

Is this possible, would love to know! Thanks in advance!

Level 14
GT51CA is currently USD$2999.00 (plus $4.99 shipping) at and CDN$6599.99 (with free shipping!) at Best Buy.

GT51CA specs include:
- i7-6700K on "ROG Aura" Z170, not as good as i7-7700K on Z270 ...
- 64GB DDR4-2400 (not DDR4-2800, read specs carefully), not the biggest or fastest ...
- one or two high-end GTX cards (970/980/1070/1080/TitanX), not as good as 1080Ti or Titan Xp ...
- one or two PCIe/SATA performance SSD(s), one or two SATA HDD(s), unspecified brands/models but probably not the biggest/fastest drives ...
- slim Super Multi DVD Burner or slim Blu-Ray Combo ODD ...
- some sort of AIO/CLC liquid cooling on CPU, unspecified brand/model but probably not the best ...
- 700W PSU, weak rating and criticized by many people but seems to do the job (loudly) ...
- dual-band wireless card, mediocre but it works ...
- awesome "aggressive aerodynamic-inspired design armor titanium and plasma copper" GT51 chassis with "turbine/reactor" front intake, metal GPU brackets (:o), fancy customizable external and internal Aura RGB LED effects, NFC module (for wearable ROG Band), etc ...

An impressive powerhouse, promising >60fps 4K gaming.

But it still ain't no HEDT. You want i7-6900K on X99 R5E10. For more cores, more DDR4 bandwidth, more multi-GPU support?
Intel's next HEDT platform (LGA2066 Skylake-X/KabyLake-X, X299) will release Q2/2017, if you can wait. Exact specs unknown, but expected to equal or exceed Broadwell-E and X99 in every capacity. Distribution of Media/Engineering samples has already started.

Sadly, it seems ASUS does not sell GT51 chassis (or other parts) individually. Only available as an all-or-nothing package. But you might find what you need on auction sites. And I've seen ROG provide special arrangements on a case-by-case basis to specific users (in these forums) before.

I certainly hope ASUS decides to sell this beastly chassis as a standalone product (along with the metal GPU brackets, lol).

Take careful note of the (motherboard) specifications: odd number of PCIe/PCI slots (which doesn't seem to match any other ASUS Z170 mobo), "DDR4 LONG DIMM" (is that a different physical/electrical form factor or just "not SO-DIMM"?), strange details seen in reviewer photos, etc. And DDR4-2800 (kinda) ... what kind of ASUS/ROG Z170 mobo doesn't advertise DDR4-3300+ support? I haven't seen any GT51 takeaparts yet, but the motherboard form factor might be a generic (E)ATX or it might be an "incompatible" ASUS-proprietary ATX-variant (like it was for ROG G20 predecessors). It's possible you won't be able to even mount an EATX (R5E10) mobo in this chassis, at least not without modifications (keep in mind the weird number of expansion slots). And I doubt you'll find any documentation or detailed dimensional specs for this chassis, so part compatibility (for fans, rads, PSU, etc) might be challenging. You may even find silly things like motherboard connections for Power/Reset switches, Power/HDD LEDs, front-panel USB/audio ports, etc are all convoluted.

The GT51 receives much glowing praise at the reviewer sites. Customer reviews (at and Best Buy) are generally very positive - aside from many complaints about price, lol - although some people also complain that the machine's fans are excessively loud, and if this is true then cooling upgrades and/or sound dampening mods might be necessary to make your dream easier to live with.
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anyway to modify the chasis to fit Strix RTX 3xxx series?

otherwise what is the best GPU in the market if need to reuse the chasis?