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ROG Evangelion Unit-00 Request

Level 7

Greetings all of geeks and gamers.

As the subject suggests, I saw the amazing ASUS products of decorated desktop and computer components of Evangelion themes. But there were only 2 types; the purple one and the red one. Both were based on the giant robots the characters Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langley Soryu piloted. The one I want to request is the one for the robot the third character Rei Ayanami pilots. Its a blue one. If ROP gets this message, I'd like to request they make one for this character too. If they do, I'll gladly buy it. Eventually, I'll need a new computer anyway. The one I have is good, but the graphics card is a 2070 and I'll need a higher one so it can handle not just bigger games but bigger streaming.

To note, the Eva anime series has two versions; the original and the rebuilds. The rebuilds is celebrated currently and Rei's robot is orange. I want the blue one. I want the desktop and components to be made in blue as her original Eva unit is that she pilots, please. I don't see that often nowadays.

I don't know if ROP makes the desktop but if they do, or if they get it from some other company, can the desktop have one dvd/cd port slot? I know its been discontinued and everything is digital, but please consider the reasonable reasons why physical media is important. Its because its yours forever and when you buy digital media, it may get removed from its owner and you'd have to buy it again. I have dvds and CD games I still want to use. Please consider putting just one cd port drive and make the desktop awesome looking. I love how artistic the designs on components and desktop looks. Asuka's desktop looks sick and Shinji's look so nice. I wonder how Rei's desktop can look.

If this can get traction, maybe it'll encourage ROP to take on this suggestion. What do y'all say?