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RAM and PCI-e cable extensions for low profile or strange shaped builds.

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Hey everyone, ive noticed that there are PCI-e extension cables like the one in the picture. Ive actually used one of these in a build where i had a full height card in a half height case and it worked great. I'm now wondering if they have cables like this for RAM. Im doing a new build that is extremely low profile however I want to use Dominator Platinum memory which happens to be quite tall inside the case ive constructed. I looked for memory cables but couldnt find any, If these do exist then i can use the memory, if not i guess i have to buy low profile:(:(. If anyone has seen or knows how i could get a cable to extend the memory slot that would be amazing. Let me know!!!21101

Level 7
i don't think that this exist

someone needs to make those lol so i can actually put good memory in a really thin case...

lizaty951 wrote:
i don't think that this exist

An issue that I see is latency, and phase-matching of the lanes. A longer cable would add some level of latency, and if it is not carefully constructed, the signal pulses would come out of sync from each other, which would have disastrous consequences.
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Trace layout is critical for memory. There are some adapters available but they are more specialized test fixtures and are not inexpensive for quality ones.

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The reason you have ram where it is located on a motherboard is due to the need to have the trace as short as possible. Add too much distance from the CPU with such a extender and you have opened up the possibility of huge issues.
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The extensions will adjust the latency, resistance, etc. up to the point where you will not receive the same performance, if you can even get it to work at all. My suggestion would be to remove the RAM heatsink and replace it with a lower profile heatsink, or get a high speed LP RAM kit such as this,

Here are a couple of videos to show how to remove the heatsink. Remember, doing this will void your warranty and risks damaging the RAM.