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"Wall Modding" advices.

Level 7
Hey there, couldn't really find a thread category to post it in so i did choose this one.

I would like to color a part of my wall in a yet undefined colortheme. Due to the fact that my old RIG died i dont have Illustrator available and need your guys help.

It is a white pebbledash wall and i would like to put the ROG Logo with "The Choice of Champion" and the "In search of Incredible" slogan's on it in there pre designed ways.

This image does cover all of these.

My first question is, should i go for a wall tattoo or will it look crap on a pebbledash wall? Otherwise i could go for a template thingy.

The secound thing is that i need these logos at least rendered. Does anyone know if asus would give them if i ask them via e-mail?

The last thing is the colortheme. I guess a Red stripe with black logos would look pretty creepy but a black wall part would simply kill the "depth" of the room. Here is a picture done with my handy cam, so dont judge me :D. And ofc. the blue wann will be recolored.

Level 15
Wow! Big 'mod'! 😮

Level 7
I can't expect everyone to look into my case and on my screens to understand that i love Asus and the RoG brand :p. After some research i am pretty sure that wall decals will hold on my wall.

Is there a e-mail to ask for high res / high ppi images of the mentioned logos / slogans for printing? I won't abuse the tech support e-mail for this <.< but i couldnt find anything in the web that is worth printing.