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Question for my Rog inspired Case Mod!

Level 7
Dear modders,

First of all i want to introduce my self.
My name is Angelicjack but you can call me Jack.
For the past 5 years i have been modding my pc. You know how it goes. First you put a different cooler and some fans. And you end up modding your whole case.
Thats the point where i ended up right now. I am going to mod the Termaltake core x71 and i am gonna make it a rog inspired build.

Once i will begin modding the case i will make pictures and keep you updated in a seperate post.

But now my question:

I am looking for a vector/jpeg file of the Asus Rog Mayan Pattern. I cant seem to find it anywhere.
I have a friend with a laser cutter thst is gonna cut out the pattern on the front of the case.

I hope somebody has a file with only the pattern on it that i can use for my build.

I hope that i can start soon with my build and show you all my project!

Have a nice day Modders!
Success is the ability to go from one failure to the next without any loss of enthusiasm 😉