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Project Trinity

Level 7
Hello modding world!
I have been itching to do a large mod, to get my creative fingers moving again. After all small mods here and there seem to only be a tease so I guess its time to get to business.
Welcome to Project Trinity,
(name may change not 100% about it)
Anyways, to all of those who have families and loved ones will be able to understand that they will always come first, so i will be working on this over the next few months trying to balance life, work, and MODS. Hard and difficult at times but hey life aint easy and thats what is great abouit.
I currently have a very large area in a small home setup for my computers. My significant other wants a bigger kitchen, you know the saying happy wife=happy life, so I used that as my leverage to get the blessing to do this project.
A friend of mine was given a old barber chair to scrap for metal. It is in need of tlc, but it works, comfortable and it is sturdy and can be. Almost 200lbs total. I picked up the chair not knowing what to do with it and then it dawned on me. I needed a "Throne". I have seen several variations of the L3p desk, (he inspired me to mod), I wanted something different. I have come accross alot of the chair setups on line but wow are they rediculously priced.

This is my take on those.
I will use my current system for mach up and will eventually upgrade the components as I go. But for the budget I am going to focus most of the cost in the building of the chair and connecting everything. Here are my sketchups of what Im kind of thinking. The chair is currently a green leather but that will change to black but not set on a color scheme. Im waiting to see it put together first.
I am looking for ideas for one part that has me perplexed. In the photos if you look at were the keyboard and monitors meet the supporting arm of the chair I need to make this rotate to get in and out of the chair. I need to be able to run all the cables inside the tubing as Im ocd on wiring. I was possibly thinking of just making it two pieces, 1 piece support arm 1 piece monitor and keyboard stand. and just use a plastic bushing to keep them seperated. I will post a screen shot of my idea if I have time to work on the model this weekend.

Let me know what you think and what you guys would do, I want this to be the ultimate chair everything within reach and optimized for ease of use.

Level 7
This is my current setup that will be changed over to fit the chair

Level 14
the amount of weight and so on for that arm, you have to bolt the chair down in to the floor to prevent it tip over.
and add more support on that arm where its going to be bolted on.
if im not mistaken its going to weight over 100kg+.
mabye 100 on one point, add distance on it ( weight arm metod ) and it will be more then 100kg.