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Project - The Next Level - 13-05-2012 Steel and wood

Level 9
Hi Everyone,

Its time for another project.My idea/design to build a desk inside a frame with a glass top and without feet ive done 2 times.

Version 1.

Version 2.

I dont want to make a third version so now its time for a new design.This time i go for an ergonomic design.So this is the kickoff for my new project The Next Level.

The idea is to build a design desk that can be adjust in height so everyone can sit at it by simply push a button to move it up or down.My designs always change when im building so here a drawning how its gonna look.

The desk will be watercooled and the hardware is not decided yett.More about this later.
I already bought the lifting column and this is how it looks.

The specs.

• Thrust: up to 2500 N per DL2
• Speed: up to 20 mm/s with CBD4
• Installation dimensions can be seen in the
ordering example
• Stroke length 300 mm, 350 mm, 500 mm ± 4 mm
• Colour: Natural anodized aluminium profiles and
black painted end plates or electro-galvanised
3 mm end plates
• Low noise level
• Compact and mounting friendly design
• Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)
• Dimension column: 147 x 194 mm
• Dimension 8 mm end plates: 160 x 244 x 8 mm
• Dimension 3 mm end plates: flush with the
• Each column is fitted with a 740 mm ± 60 mm
straight black cable with an 8-pole AMP plug or
100 mm mini-fit cable
• Dynamic bending moment (at 100% stroke
My+/Mx+ = 250 Nm and My-/Mx- = 200 Nm

And a little movie how it works.
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Level 9
Sponsored by:

My head is full of new ideas so more to come. 😄

Level 9
Update 1.

Finally its time for an update.The past 2 weeks some things happend.I got my first sponsors for this project and i changed the design.

Cooler Master sponsored me a silent pro hybrid 1050W and its fully modulair.

Some pictures of the psu.

Thanks Cooler Master and specially Marco.

Also the company i bought the lifting column from has decided to sponsor my project with a second column.

Level 9
Here a picture wiht both lifting columns.

Thanks Linak and specially Adwin.

Because i was afraid of instability i changed my design.This is the final design.

This week i cut the desk and the side pieces with the lasercutter and i made a little movie.

Below are the pictures of the pieces i cut.I used 3mm aluminium.

Today i bend the piece with a co-worker ( the guy on the picture ).

Level 9
Then i spot welded the piece together.

Level 9
The next thing to do is to spotweld these 2 pieces in the desk and then finsh the welding.

This was it for today.

Level 9
Update 2.

Today it was time to work on the desk again.The plan was to finsh welding the desk but i made the covers for the columns first.

Here's a drawning of the covers im gonna make.

Lets do some work.This time im making the pieces by hand.

I am using 3mm aluminium for the covers.First i made the angled pieces.

Then i made the rest of the pieces i need.

Time to put the pieces together and spotweld them.

Then i made the last pieces to mount the covers on the desk.

The last pieces spotwelded inside the covers.

Level 9

Now its time to weld the covers.

Then some sanding.

Level 9
The covers are done and this is the way i mount the covers on the desk.

This was it for today. 🙂

Level 9
Update 3.

This weekend i finisht welding the desk cover and sand it.There is not much to tel about this so here are some pictures of it.

Thats finisht so up to the next job.The psu,cables and the controlbox for the cloumns will be at the back of the desk cover.I'm making a frame for this and then seal it of with a cover.

This is how it looks when its finisht.

First i saw the pieces i need for the frame.

Then i spotwelded the pieces together en then finisht welding them.