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Project "Warped Vision"

Level 7
Well we finally got the pictures of the new case designed just for project "Warped Vision" that i will be doing here in the coming few weeks as parts still needed arrive. I am still currently trying to lock down one last sponsor for this build to help me out so finger crossed he loves the case and build and wants to get on board with us. Below you will find the specs being used for this build and the case that sits currently at 28x26x11.5 or wide and a 1/2.

The build will be fitted with 2x triple rads and a single double rad in push/pull running through 2 custom 250mm reservoirs. This is why we chose to mount the psu and hdd's and things in the rear, this allows for better cable management, cleaner build but most importantly give the proper space needed for a proper build. My biggest complaint as a builder is that cases have never really been designed with builders in mind. Well i think this needs to change, its time we build in cases that are geared towards us and allow us to build the best we can with ease.

Build Specs

Motherboard - asus rog iv extreme
CPU - I7 4960x
Memory - G.Skill Ripjaws 1866mhz 64gb
Video Cards - EVGA GTX 680 4gb x3
Hard Drives - Samsung 840 pro 256gb x2 Raid 0
Power Supply - EVGA SuperNva 1500 watt

More Specs to come for water cooling and more..........


Level 7
Updated Thread,Specs and Pictures with alot more to come in the next few weeks!