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Project: "1949"

Level 10
Hello ROG readers,

My name is Stef and my alias is Cygnitr0n. Cygnitr0n is a combination of Cygnus X, Nitro and Tron. And I'm from Holland. So already I will appologize in front if the Englisch is not correct.

Let me begin:
After a few moments of thoughts and seeing some of the builds here on I became inspirid and now I'm planning a new project. I don't want a normal case for my PC anymore. And after building the "Obsidian Carnage" , modding my HTPC and modding the Antec Darkfleet, I was getting more experienced with the modding. So, I wanted to leap forward and making myself a real case mod.

I've been inspired by the old retro look and I want to make the old, new again and bring it back in the future. But afterall in a whole new inside and purpose. It's will be a shame to let this old thing go to waste. Afterall it is a sort of legacy. I was searching for something old, nice, good looking and it must be big enough for a small PC. And I found it, a Philips BX480A.

Because I really like a nostalgic look, I will preserve it in this build. Afterall it's a MOD so I will make a few changes along the way. If it's necessary.

The Project:
It will not be a project that I would build in a short timeframe. Because this build is delicate and needs time. I want it to be perfect and restore it for a whole new purpose.

So I will give you an idea how it looks and what I'm going to Mod. This project is called "1949" and has no real name yet. The "1949" stands for the builddate from this old Radio.

It's gonna be an mITX build with HTPC/Media PC potentials. And I'm going to work with a lot of copper. So that was the story for my idea. Hopefully I will bring this old Radio back to life with his new purpose in the 21st Century.

And here is a picture from the old Philips BX480A.

This project is sponsored by:

Level 10
Wow is getting very nice!. I love the vintage stuff!
Case: Antec 300 Mini Tower Motherboard: GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 (rev1.3) CPU: i5 2500k @ 4.5ghz Cooler: Hyper 212 EVO GPU: GIGABYTE GTX 560ti (950mhz) RAM: G.Skill 8 GB DDR3 @ 1600mhz PSU: Corsair CX 750 Driver: 320.00
Been building PC's for 8 Years! 😉

Level 15
I agree with HomieStar, Sample "Delta" is the best for this build mate, looking good!! 🙂 btw, that saw "FigureSaw" as you called it, is a jigsaw 😉

Level 7
Personally, I love projects like these, turning all kinds of stuff to a computercase, keep us updated and post pics 😄
Project Name: Blood and Thunder

CPU: AMD FX-8320 8-Core


GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB GDDR5

MB: ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z, Socket-AM3+

PSU: Cooler Master GX 750W PSU

Case: NZXT Phantom Red/White

Level 10
Thanks all for the Sub and compliments along the way.

I think it's gonna be between A and C. Hmm, still got time to think it over.

Hmmm, some hard choices, yes. I think it's gonna be A or C.


Goodafternoon, i did some work on the motherboardtray and I did get a nice order from
But building without any tools is very difficult so I dit get some nice ones.

New Sencys Tools:

*Ding-Dong* There were a few orders that I did online, so the doorbell was ringing and ringing.
And ofcourse I had already got some of the hardware, so I made a nice picture for it.

ASRock B75-ITX
Intel Celeron G1610 (2,6Ghz, 2C2T, HD2500)
Corsair Vengeance LP 1600 CL74G
Sapphire HD6570 Passive
Cooler Master FlexPSU 220w
Zalman CNPS9500AT

Order from
Noiseblocker 40mm
Corsair AF120
Bitfenix Alchemy Black/Gold SATA3
Bitfenix Alchemy Black/Gold SATA
Bitfenix Alchemy Black/Gold ATX24PIN
M4 screw and bolts (black)
Highflow Casebadge
Chup-a-Chups Lolly Strawberry flavoured

Here Are the Pictures:

Oh my... did something wrong. The motherboardtray is 7mm to long. So I did some work on it.

Hardware on the Bench:

After sanding and drilling holes into the motherboardtray, I put the whole hardware collection to make a nice little PC. And ofcourse it needed some testing. But again, there was a fault in my calculation. The Videocard is to big, by 7mm again. OMG. It's gonna need some work. I Think I'm going to bend the heatpipe.

On the bench (Or motherboardtray):

Hardware Results:
This is CPU Only, I wanted to test the budget CPU.

3D Mark 06

3D Mark Vantage



More information in Dutch: here (click)

Level 10
OMG Yes! Another update today!

I had some spare time again. So I've been busy with replacing the original fan fromt the Cooler Master Flex PSU. It's kinda loud. That didn't make me happy!

So first we gonna disasamble the PSU.

Here is the diffrence between the original (left) and the new Noiseblocker (right).

After that I cut the wires from the old Fan. I had some spare part left over that I'm going to use. Like this 3Pins male.

Soldering Iron must be hot!

Don't forget the heat shrinks

Heat shrinking them

So, finished!

Testing if it works, yes it does

The old fan is out and the new fan is spinning! Only 9dB!

And ofcourse the cable management.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's done!

Till next!

Sponsored by:

Level 10
Hello Subs!

Next week I have a week off from work. Then I can finally begin working on this build again! A sick cat has making me work on this build almost impossible. *The things you do for love* The cat is fine now so I can begin working on this project. So be assured.

For now you must do it with this photo. In the meanwhile I ordered a new HDD. Because the old one had died upon me.

To bad, not just enough space to put the GPU in. Hmm, better solve that problem in my vacation!

PS: *And no, there is no LEGO Starwars box on the left, lol*

Level 15
Hey mate, if you're having problems fitting a Graphics card into your build, you could get a ASUS GTX 670 Mini...the only SFF VGA on the market 😄

Level 10
Hahaha, yes that would be great for my build. But don't think my little powersupply would like that 🙂 Ofcourse we can always change the supply 😉

Level 10
So the vacation is over and the time was not on my hand at all. To bad!
It was wonderfull weather here so I was more busy with my new garden then being inhome for the build.

But here is another update for you folks!

Bending the heatpipe.

The first idea was to use this, but when I tried to make it in the radio, it failed bigtime.

So then I thought up a solution for the problem. Using screws instead.

And added an extension nut for bolting the motherboardtray on it.

Then I checked if it was level.

Tightening the bolts.

The motherboard in place to check if everything fits.

And it does! *Pwewh!

Till next guys!

Level 10

Didn't have much to do anyway so did a little work on the build.

Maybe I will place the tube here.

Did some cutting there

Made it smaller

Sanding it

And placed it back to see the result.

Sanded the wood to make the fan fit tight.

Needed nailpolish for marking the holes for the motherboardtray. *why would I need it anyway :P*

Drilled the holes in it.

Perfect fit. Screwed it tight.

Tadaa (Don't mind the bigger PSU, I wanted to know if it fits also if needed so)

Endresult for today.

Till next folks!