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Project: "1949"

Level 10
Hello ROG readers,

My name is Stef and my alias is Cygnitr0n. Cygnitr0n is a combination of Cygnus X, Nitro and Tron. And I'm from Holland. So already I will appologize in front if the Englisch is not correct.

Let me begin:
After a few moments of thoughts and seeing some of the builds here on I became inspirid and now I'm planning a new project. I don't want a normal case for my PC anymore. And after building the "Obsidian Carnage" , modding my HTPC and modding the Antec Darkfleet, I was getting more experienced with the modding. So, I wanted to leap forward and making myself a real case mod.

I've been inspired by the old retro look and I want to make the old, new again and bring it back in the future. But afterall in a whole new inside and purpose. It's will be a shame to let this old thing go to waste. Afterall it is a sort of legacy. I was searching for something old, nice, good looking and it must be big enough for a small PC. And I found it, a Philips BX480A.

Because I really like a nostalgic look, I will preserve it in this build. Afterall it's a MOD so I will make a few changes along the way. If it's necessary.

The Project:
It will not be a project that I would build in a short timeframe. Because this build is delicate and needs time. I want it to be perfect and restore it for a whole new purpose.

So I will give you an idea how it looks and what I'm going to Mod. This project is called "1949" and has no real name yet. The "1949" stands for the builddate from this old Radio.

It's gonna be an mITX build with HTPC/Media PC potentials. And I'm going to work with a lot of copper. So that was the story for my idea. Hopefully I will bring this old Radio back to life with his new purpose in the 21st Century.

And here is a picture from the old Philips BX480A.

This project is sponsored by:

Level 10
Marshall!!!! ❤️

Level 10
Hello readers,

Ready for an update? Here we go! Got a little suprise here going on. Especially for the readers that didn't like the idea that I should turn a radio into a PC.
So what happend? I bought an old Radio to turn it into a computer because I want to turn it back again into a radio. :eek:

*OMG what did he said?* Yes I did! 😄

And some people asked me if I could make a movie, because they wanted to see the light and fan in full operation. So let's begin with just that.

And here are the pictures:

Level 10
So,'re still turning this beautiful restoration into a computer aren't you?
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skull6 wrote:
so,'re still turning this beautiful restoration into a [beautiful] computer aren't you?

ftfy! 😄 😄
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Skull6 wrote:
So,'re still turning this beautiful restoration into a computer aren't you?

Hahaha, ofcourse 😛

xeromist wrote:
ftfy! 😄 😄

:cool: whehehe