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Project P42

Level 9
Its time for a new project.

Again im making a scratchbuild.This time im making a dual itx lan case.March 29 there is a lan party near my town and that day its my son's 7th birthday.The name P42 stands for "Party for two "so im taking this case to the lan with my son at his first lan party.

The render.

The case will look almost the same as the render when its finisht but knowing some things always change when im fabricating.This time im using air cooling.

The hardware.

2x Intel i5 3570
2x Zotac Z77 -ITX Wifi
2x Zotac GTX 670 AMP Edition
2x DDR 3 8GB memory (Merk weet ik nog niet )
2x Cooler Master silent pro M2 420w
2x SSD 128gb ( Merk weet ik nog niet )
2x HDD Samsung ecogreen 1TB
2x Cooler Master TPC 800

Sponsors :

Time to start on this project.

First i want to thank Zotac for their awesome sponsoring.2x GTX 670 AMP edition and 2x Z77 itx wifi boards.

Thanks a lot Zotac and specially Chris.

Also Cooler Master is sponsoring my project with 2x CM silent pro M2 420w psu and 2x TPC 800 cpu coolers.

Thanks a lot Cooler Master and specially Marco.

Time to fabricate.

First i made the frame off 20x20x3mm stainless steel

Then it was time to make the front for this i used 1,5mm steel.

Made all the pieces i need by hand and spotwelded them togheter.


Level 9
I had to finish the case before the lan and i made it so the final pictures will be up soon. 😄

I have a small teaser from me and my son on the party 11.

Final pictures are up soon. 😄

Final update.

One and a half week ago i thopught it was time to test the pci-e risers and guess what it was crap.The only thing i got was a box load of errors so with only 10 days left the only thing to do was rebuilding 60% of the case and paint all parts.It was working my a.. of but i made it me and my son made it to the lan and thats all that counts.

To win some time i asked someone to make me some extenders but they did arrive 2 days ago and i was already on the lan so i had to use the cables i already had.

First i want to thank my sponsors for making this build possible.Thanks a lot guys. 😄

For the lan party Steelseries decided to sponsor a whole set for me and my son. 😄

Thanks Steelseries and specially Geoffrey. 😄

Now its picture time.

Level 9

The pom inlay is made by my good friend Nate from E22

He also made a vid on how the piece was made.

Pictures from me and my son on the lan this weekend.

And they did an interview from me and my son.Its in dutch. 😄

From 1.45.

I want to thank everyone for their replys and following my project.Until next time. 😄

Thanks to my sponsors.

Level 15

Level 10
Simply AWESOME. I would have thought that you would have named it the "Armor-plated LAN machine...complete with safety handles"! 😉
"If it moves, salute it. If it doesn't move, pick it up. & if you can't pick it up...paint it RED & BLACK !!"
G75VW-BBK5 {stock}

............ Macrium Reflect ..................Full G55VW/G75VW model list!

Myk SilentShadow wrote:
Looks fantastic PasLis!!!

Thanks a lot Myk. 🙂

Skull6 wrote:
Simply AWESOME. I would have thought that you would have named it the "Armor-plated LAN machine...complete with safety handles"! 😉

Haha thanks a lot Skull6 and yes thats a good name indeed. 😄