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Project P42

Level 9
Its time for a new project.

Again im making a scratchbuild.This time im making a dual itx lan case.March 29 there is a lan party near my town and that day its my son's 7th birthday.The name P42 stands for "Party for two "so im taking this case to the lan with my son at his first lan party.

The render.

The case will look almost the same as the render when its finisht but knowing some things always change when im fabricating.This time im using air cooling.

The hardware.

2x Intel i5 3570
2x Zotac Z77 -ITX Wifi
2x Zotac GTX 670 AMP Edition
2x DDR 3 8GB memory (Merk weet ik nog niet )
2x Cooler Master silent pro M2 420w
2x SSD 128gb ( Merk weet ik nog niet )
2x HDD Samsung ecogreen 1TB
2x Cooler Master TPC 800

Sponsors :

Time to start on this project.

First i want to thank Zotac for their awesome sponsoring.2x GTX 670 AMP edition and 2x Z77 itx wifi boards.

Thanks a lot Zotac and specially Chris.

Also Cooler Master is sponsoring my project with 2x CM silent pro M2 420w psu and 2x TPC 800 cpu coolers.

Thanks a lot Cooler Master and specially Marco.

Time to fabricate.

First i made the frame off 20x20x3mm stainless steel

Then it was time to make the front for this i used 1,5mm steel.

Made all the pieces i need by hand and spotwelded them togheter.


Level 9
Your right mate its normal steel so you can weld it.

Level 9
Update 4.

The only thing that was left to do for the custom coolers was painting the fans.

The pictures look a bit off but thats was because of the bad light that day.

Now that everything is done its time to mount it all back together.I started with mounting the fans.

Then the covers.

And last the backplates.

The result.



This was it for today.

Thanks to my sponsors.

Level 10
nice case building for sure n stainless is awsome to work with when u have the right tools n paints as well lol but overall so far this is looking good mate thinking of building a case but stainless would make it to heavy to move around to me on mine

Level 9
Thanks jmoorez2001 and i have to admit it weighs a bit when its done but i dont care about weight. 😄

Level 7
dammm..... epic build mate - wish i had the workshop u have access to 🙂

br. Østergaard

Level 9
Thanks Ostergaard. 🙂

Level 9
Update 5.

Did some work again and this time i worked on the frame of the case.Because some people are asking me how big the case is i made a few pictures of the dimensions of the case.

Length 510 mm.

Width 390 mm.

Height 440 mm.

Time to do some work.First i made the cover that will be mounted to the front.The top and sidepanels will be mounted to the cover.

First i cutt a plate and bend,drilled,sanded and mounted it to the front.

Then it was time to work on the frame.This time i lett the pictures do the talking.

Some sanding.

Testfit for the looks.

This was it for today.More to come. 😄

Thanks to my sponsors.

Level 7
handmade very nice 😄
its like you are really good in this matter 😄

Update 6.

I have 3 weeks left and comming weekend the case must be ready for painting so i have to step on the gas.

First i made all the mounting holes for mounting the case together.Then i cutt some holes in the top and painted it with primer.Then i made two mobo tray's and made the holes for the cables.

Next update all the metal work will be finished and then its painting time.
More to come. 😄

Thanks to my sponsors.

Level 9
Thanks kepoyoh. 🙂