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PROJECT Napoleon Midnight

Level 10
hello all im not new here just a looker bystander i got in to computers a few ( long ago ) and been building them for freinds and family there abouts a friend came up to me one day and said he needed a pc to do revit on and we sat down and thought of the things to go with it we did a few sketches of differnt layouts 32556 and what not's so this is where we started from 32557325583255932560


32641 testing where the psu will go n checking to make sure the side fits flush to the edge's had to square up one side it was out of square

32643some of the parts laid out waiting to be installed when the case is finshed

32646 side plate finshed and revited in place

32650 robert laying out the front case side

32652 installing the back plate for the case

32654marking and measuring for the area for the motherboard to sit

32657fitted the top frame over the case and it fits great

32660pulled the case back out and started installing the fans to get a glimps how they would look

32663 pc case is finshed and painted ............ opps we forgot one panel lol guess it will say silver till i get time to paint it lol