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(Project Log) Project Overload-Mahogny trisli computertable.

Level 7
Hello dear readers,

This project has already been in the making quite a while but I haven't posted anything in a mainstream forum yet so here goes.
The plan here is to build a rig inside a welded steelframe table and then cover it all up with hardwood and polish it until it looks like a grand piano. Bear with me we are half a year from the finish so this buildlog will be long and sometimes updates might be scarse because of the monstrous task of building it. I'd also like to point out that l3p mr peter brands sparked this idea and I'm a fan of his work.
With that being said lets cut to the chase.

The Pc parts will be roughly:

Asus RE5 (hopefully a black one in a while)
3xGTX 980's or similar
32gb corsair dominator platinum cl 11, 2400MHz
SSD for os 4 ssd's in raid 0 for them games and videoediting, +12tb hdd storage
Corsair ax1500i psu
internal dac+audio inputs and outlets for my speakers


2x Nexxos Monstah 560 radiator
1x alphacool ut60 360 radiator
1x alphacool ut30 140 radiator
2xd5 vario ek pumps with the acrylic top kit and metallic casing
custom dual loop reservoir
ek fittings where possible, bitspower for the rest

Additional goodies include keystart and a stash inside the table.

Table dimensions 1680x860x180

So, i started out with some 20mm steel to make a basic frame:



Reservoir basin:


First delivery!

got 1 set of reservoir + some american modmytoys pcb connectors.

Loving the size of these things 🙂 :


Le pump:


More packages!


Also some copper tubing, not very visible in the picture but we'll see more of them later


Oh you sexy sexy thing:


More parts:


We're gonna need a lot of fans for this thing:


Started to play around with some of the parts, main radiators neatly tucked in the back. (Even though they're go in and out of there quite a bit before I'm finished with this.


from the front:


After a while of welding I installed the plats where I'll mount most of the stuff too. As well as the 140 radiator and the 360.
The positioning of the psu is also final, allthough I'll have to back a bracket for it to firmly slide into as well as anti vibration between all the parts and the chassi.


From the front:


Level 7
Sorry for that last picture I don't know how to get rid off it:S

Anyways I started sketching up the very start of the woodwork.

Big props to Singularity Computers for making the reservoir. More on that later.

Let's see if you can handle em drawing skillz:D

Basicly the front and side of the table. You can't see much here but its something


And in 3D!


So onto the wood. I've been spending hours upon hours figuring out exactly what I want. I will order home a variety of them and treat them and see what looks best. Currently leaning towards something in the picture below. Gonna do some inlays with lighter wood before the stained hardened glass panel though.

Let me know in the comments if you know a really great look for the wood and I'll try to work with it if I like it!

Current idea:


And I might as well post my current office/gaming room:


Thats it for now. I'll be looking in the comments but It's gonna be a few weeks until the next update. Hopefully someone finds the log interesting. 😄

Nice build man, i my self am starting to build a desk. Essentially its the same design, except i'll build a nice compartment for the PSU and cable managment right in the rear of the alluminum frame. I'm waiting for updates man. Good Job with the frame!!