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[Project Log] 8-Bit Baron Nashor Case Mod WiP by 8-Bit Builder

Level 7
Hi, I'm 8-Bit Builder and a New Year= A New Pixel Mod! I've been playing a lot of League of Legends for the past 2 years and decided I wanted to do something in that game world. Though my builds are usually based off old game sprites, the Baron Nashor is not traditionally pixelated (unless your running a weak gaming pc of course 😄 ) I made an exception for this.

- Replacing my old HTPC with a new one (albeit bigger)
- Able to have some kick for gaming

ASUS Maximus VI Impact Mini-ITX
OCZ Fatal1ty 550W Modular Gaming Power Supply
Graphic Card: Haven't gotten this yet. Keeping my options open atm but havent decided on what to get. Keeping aneye for something good to go on the sale during the build process. For the meanwhile I have a older card to be a placeholder.
SSD: 250gb

Mock up design:

The clear squares will be plexiglass, the eyes will light up, and the teeth will light up also.

Build Process:
This is a large build and will be 2 feet wide and almost 5 feet tall once finished. Definitely my tallest build yet! This is the base of the build.

It's only my first day building so I dont have much more than this but I'll have a lot more pictures/work done in a few days and possibly the whole model (unpainted) finished in 2 weeks. Keep an eye out!

Level 7

Got the top head section done as I want to work on getting the eye sections drilled and prepped for the LED lights. Speaking of, heres 20 of plugged in which will be how many will be used on the head.

This is the 20 LED control board:

Next is to build up the base and get the motherboard fitted while working on getting the head LEDs' set up.

Level 7
The build up (literally)! I've begun the monotonous cube build up and have ordered another 2,000 cubes because I grossly miscalculated how many I was going to need...

Just so you get an idea on the actual height of this thing...

This is only the first section of the build. To get an idea on the height of this thing, here is my other mod, Link being enveloped by just the bottom section:

Level 10
This is going to be an unusually large HTPC...and certainly unique.
Say hi to the next generation.

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Level 7
Definitely is large for a HTPC, but its gonna be a sweet looking HTPC! They don't always have to be small :D.

Some multi-progress going on:

Been drilling out some cubes so I'll be able to network the LEDs to light up the lower jaws teeth.

And added a few more layers and an idea of what the window will look like.

Level 7
This looks promising and interesting. Subbed!
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Cooling: 2 x 360 mm EKWB XTX rads, EK-D5 Vario w/ Plexi Top, X3 Res, Supr Plexi Copper, CSQ fittings, Noctua Fans

Level 7
Interesting idea, never seen a custom build like this.
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Level 11
unique indeed I'll be looking at your progress very cool idea dude..
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Level 7
Thanks, appreciate it guys

Mod progress:
Getting some progress done:

Motherboard installed with heatsink:

Side view with a few more rows complete:

Close up of the window view, This plastic is a placeholder, waiting on my acryllic order to come in the mail so I can work on lighting up the eyes/teeth:

Level 7
Getting there! Just got to finish the heads, fan positions, and some other minor things then its time to tape and paint.

Going up:

What the head will look like when on (this is the upper jaw, not the lower)

One of the side heads

Inside of the neck, kind of Minecraft-y

Sanding the acyllic cubes down to make teeth for the heads on the side

I feel decent about the teeth but would like a better finish but I'm out of ideas on how to make them better.