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project [Leonidas Beard]

Level 7
"Tonight we dine in hell"©


CPU: Intel i7 3930K

MOBO: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme

RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 4*4Gb

SSD: Crucial M4 128Gb

HDD: WD 3*2Tb

VGA: 3*GTX 580 1,5Gb

Sound Card: Creative X-FI Titanium HD

PSU: Corsair AX1200

CASE: CaseLabs M10 + Extended top + Pedestal



Rad#1: TFC MONSTA Extreme

Rad#2: TFC MONSTA Lite

Rad#3: Alphacool nexxxos MONSTA

Pump#1: DDC 1T
Pump#2: DDC 1T

CPU block: EK HF Nickel Plexi

VGA block: EK-FC580 GTX Acetal+EN

FANS: Noiseblocker BlackSilentPRO 140mm, 1700rpm

CONECTORS: Monsoon, EK, Bitspower

LIQUID: Mayhems Blood Red

CONTROL: Aquaero 5 PRO + 5 LT + PAU2

I welcome you comrads! I write to you from the cold mother Russia :brrr:
At once I ask me to forgive for my English, but I promise to try diligent 😄
The idea on creation of this project arose in me very long. Initially everything was planned to make with the Cooler Master Cosmos PURE case, but for a number of reasons, work was constantly postponed. And once I was lucky to take hold from CASE LABS, namely M10 in white color:clap: To it were bought in addition a pedestal and extended top

Chief assistant always nearby:D
Also the period of long thoughts at the choice of a project subject came. Options was much, but everything united them availability of blood, a large amount of blood:worried: So I came to a subject of droppers, tubes, and other hospital attributes, but what there was my disappointment when I casually came across one of the projects of the present most beloved by me, namely the White Silence project :waah:
And again I fell into the abyss of thoughts...:grr:
Then I was come to mind by idea to devote the project of Slavic mythology. At detailed studying of the weapon of Slavs, I started finding certain similarities to a cold weapon of ancient Sparta... and here upon me dawned...HERE IT, I exclaimed! IT IS SPARTAAAAA!!!:D
Then received a clip from the beloved wife for shouts in the middle of the night 😄

Level 7
The history about 300 Spartans is one of my darlings, and how it was shown in Zack Snyder's movie of "300" adequately loud applause
I several times revised the movie, finally like idea and started a choice of the most spectacular moments, for the purpose of sketch creation.
And I came to 3 options:
The third since there is more than dynamics and action was chosen.
Well and because my friend is engaged in an aerographics I was allowed to his equipment and work began:

In parallel with drawing, the lateral window was transferred to a laser engraving, here that appeared as a result:

The photo in a subject will be more better a bit later...
And again painting...

Level 7
If very long not to leave the room it is possible to catch very qualitative hallucinations;)
By the way, I decided to paint everything, a fitting's, water blocks, radiators, painted everything that to hand... the cat managed to evade:D

In intervals between painting I entertained myself clothing of wires:

Level 7
On fans stickers with the "300" logo were made:

The hardware assumed to an upgrade:

Level 7
And again case...

With each portrayal the case starts coming to life, and it is all the second varnish coat:D
I couldn't avoid a blood subject:

Now I solve a problem of installation of tanks and I sew wires:

By the way here the established lateral window so looks:

All of happiness:D

Level 7
It is a little new things. Normally to test it didn't turn out since DDR isn't compatible on height to CM V10:mad:

Well and some samplers of a logo and holders of the tank:

Level 11
You´re a real artist, spasiba for sharing!

Edit: Wow, 300 is just showing on TV3 now 😉

Level 7
Wow that airbrush work is off the hook.

Level 7
Thx guys, will be soon updatings, is now occupied with production of fastenings and placement of couple of Bitspower tanks 🙂

Level 7
On days off continued to be engaged in production of holders. As the computer in the sorted condition should be drawn in the old manner. I will make some options, I will leave that will be pleasant more.

As faced a small problem when fastening tanks, it is necessary to think how to connect them to the top radiator:

They will be connected in parallel among themselves from above and from below by means of сristal-links: