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Project Ignotus

Level 9
Hey all,

I am back for another project.Many people asked me to do an industrial build so i think its time to do one.This time no sanding and painting just plain stainless steel.
Ignotus stands for unknown as i dont know what im gonna make this time i lett my hands do the work and i watch if its any good what they make. 😄

This is the only drawning i have.

For this project im gonna use stainless steel only and no sanding and all the welds will be visible.

The hardware :

Cpu : intel core i7 980x
Mobo : Gigabyte G1 Assasin
Gpu : Gigabyte GV-N780OC-3GD
Mem : Corsair dominator GT
Hdd : 2 x 1TB
Ssd : 1x 256 GB
Psu : Coolermaster V1000

The cooling :

Res : BP-WTZM400P-BK
Rad : 1x 360
Pump : 1x D5
Fans : 10x CM Jet Flo
Fittings : BP-WTP-C47
Pipe : 12mm copper

Sponsors :

Time to get started.

First i want to thank Gigabyte for sponsoring my new project.Thanks a lot Gigabyte and specially Eva and Bernice.

Also i want to thank Bitspower for sponsoring my new project.Thanks a lot Bitspower and specially Lily and Vincent.

Lets do some work.First i start to make the parts for the base.

All parts together.

Time to weld it all together.


Level 14
voted 😉

graphic wrote:
very nice build, awesome work man and creativity

Thanks a lot grapic. 😄

kkn wrote:
voted 😉

Thanks for the vote kkn. 😄