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Project: Batman beyond

Level 10
So I've been trying to get this build of mine up for almost most of this year. This build had gone from going with a Rampage III Extreme with a Intel 980X to waiting it out until the Rampage III Black Edition came out with the 990X. The Rampage III Black Edition would have been the perfect board for this build but by the time I wanted to pull the trigger on getting it and the 990X the LGA2011s were only 2 months away from shipping. So my final build ended up being a Rampage IV Extreme with an Intel i7 3930K processor. I didn't go with the 3960X as I really didn't think that the extra 100Mhz and 3MB cache was worth another $600 after taxes; considering with recent reviews showing that the 3930K OC's just as well as the 3960X and your paying way less. Yea I just had a lot of unexpected expenses come up this year and dealing with some life issues; it wasn't one of my best years and I hope to forget it and start off the New Year with something nice like this 😄

The system will consist of the following at the moment:
- Intel i7 3930K
- ASUS Rampage IV Extreme (Battlefield 3 Edition)
- Corsair 16GB Dominator GT 2133MHz
- 2x ASUS Matrix GTX580s Platinum
- 2x Corsair Force GT 120GB in Raid 0
- 1x Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black
- Corsair AX1200 PSU
- Corsair H100
- Coolermaster HAF-X full tower
- Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

I went with this project theme of Batman Beyond for the obvious. I'm a Batman Fan and I love ASUS products especially the ROG branded stuff, and naturally the color scheme falls into the same theme of Black and Red. It's been a long time since I've built a desktop for myself mainly because I've been running off the ROG gaming laptops for the past few years and I've enjoyed them for their power and mobility, but I'm due for a powerhouse gaming and all in one rig. I've always built systems and gaming rigs for my friends and for my clients since I fix, troubleshoot and repair computers for a living.

I'm sorta Brand Loyal and at the same time, I know that ASUS and Corsair makes quality products, so I stuck with mainly just ASUS and Corsair products for the entire build, the same goes with Western Digital Drives, minus the exception of the SSDs. I ended up taking the Coolermaster HAF-X case as I love how spacious this case is compared to anything out there. Also going with the Batman Beyond theme I wanted it to look a bit rough/raw looking and the Obsidian case from Corsair doesn't really fit the build, I'm really happy with the HAF-X case for this build, it just screams Batman in every detail.

I've done custom wiring on the system, as I've re-wired, re-soldered, re-sleeved, Re-heatshrinked all the wires of case fans on the entire build. I didn't want any of the color wiring to show. I also did this so that all the large case fans on the HAF-X, such as the 230mm and all the 200mm RED LED case fans are all affected by the LED light switch on the HAF-X case. That means I can press the LED light switch on the HAF-X case to turn off just the RED LED light on all the large case fans so I can sleep at night without my entire room lite in RED LEDs.

I had a lot of Illustrator work done by myself, measured everything, did some testing on paper before I had all my fan grills laser cut on 1mm sheet metal with the Bat logos, I did a few ROG grills in case I get bored with the Bat theme.

Anyways here's the pic log below.
You can check out more pics at

Mod Supplies from Performance-PCs (Did not like the hefty brokerage fees I had to pay for it via UPS shipping to Canada)

Mock up of some Grills I did on Illustrator which I'll have laser cut on 1mm steel. Just printed them off on paper and cut them up for sizing on the case and the actual fans. I'm actually pleased that they fitted perfectly.

This is what the paper cut outs look like on paper on the actual case themselves. I can't wait to get them laser cut on metel and painted black for the final product.

Taking apart my Blu-Ray drive for painting.

Matte Black, 3 Coats.

Fully Assembled.

I didn't like the beige plastic that was an eyesore at the back of the drive, so I ordered some 3M Carbon Fiber Vinyl DI-NOC to cover it up. It looks way better now 😄

Took the same 3M Carbon Fiber Vinyl DI-NOC sheet and covered up the pretty dull looking PSU Cover of the HAF-X to look like this. I think it looks 100x better now.

Here's how the Cover looks like in the case with the Carbon Fiber mod to it.

Here's an update to this, this is what I spent my entire weekend on:

Level 11
Holy guano-gun! That looks bat-tastic! 😉
The monitor stand, did that come straight out of the Lockheed "Skunk Works"?! 😄
I must say it´s a very fine piece of work there, mate. Nice theme, very uniqe. Congratz!

Level 10
Now you need a Fanatec Wheel in there 😛

Level 7
Really cool gear man! Nice job and i really like your details and lighting 😉

..--Maximus V Formula --.. ..--I7 3770k--.. ..--Corsair Dominator 1866 --.. ..--2x EAH6850 Crossfire--.. ..--750w Corsair--.. ..--Jiffy Lub WaterCooled--..

2013 Update:
Audio Overhaul

Picked up a Creative Sound Blaster ZxR, a Fiio E09K Desktop Headphone AMP and a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 600Ohm version

Closer Look at the ZxR

ZxR Installed in between a pair of Matrix GTX580s

My Beyerdynamic DT990 on the Woo Audio Black Aluminum Headphone Stand

Close up shot of the desk.

Full Deskshot

2013 Update:
Audio Overhaul

Picked up a Creative Sound Blaster ZxR, a Fiio E09K Desktop Headphone AMP and a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 600Ohm version

Closer Look at the ZxR

ZxR Installed in between a pair of Matrix GTX580s

My Beyerdynamic DT990 on the Woo Audio Black Aluminum Headphone Stand

Close up shot of the desk.

Full Deskshot

Level 9
That is really cool, great job! Everything matches perfectly.