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Project: APASF ("A Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Future") (Final Pictures 29-03-2013)

Level 7
Hello everyone.

This is my new "Main" project, after two small projects, one for a client and the other one being the tutorial project, this being the first main project since Fallout Cause SP back in December 2011.

I´ve had this idea in my head for years now, and you could say all of my projects in the last year and a half have simply been "tests" for techniques, both paint and structural modification in order to get ready for this one.

The concept is as far as I know something that has never been done before. Mixing the post-apocalyptic style with the steampunk style in a small slimline case (the same model in fact as I used for the fallout cause sp project). The reason for this is that it gives me a compact canvas to concentrate details and because the parts do not fit, they give me a modular look that I´ve always liked since I saw the original thermaltake Level 10 case (the first one, not the redesigned GT version).

This project is being sponsored by:

Some are new and some have been with me since the begining, either way I´d like to thank all of them for their support and amazing products!

I don´t normally list the hardware I will be using on my projects, but for the first time, this project will actually become my main PC so here are the basic details.

ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3
Intel i7 2700K
Kingston HyperX 16Gb DDR3 1866Mhz
2x Kingston HyperX SSD 240Gb in RAID
2x MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti TwinFreeze OC 2Gb in SLI
NZXT HALE90-M-850w
B-Move Slim II Case

As for the rest of componentes, cooling and accesories, you´ll see them as they get mounted.
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Level 7
That is amazing, love the steampunk look.

Level 9
i kinda like both theme and build!! gz
Project Name: System Specs:
Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Black Edition
Prossesor: Intel Core i7 4820k
Graphic Card: Asus GTX Titan x2
*Power Supply: Cooler Master V850
Ram: 32Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133Mhz
Case: Corsair Obsidian 750D
SSD: 2x Samsung Evo 250Gb Raid 0
HDD: 2x Seagate Baraccuda 2TB

Level 7
Hi Everyone,

After almost a year since I started the project, it is now Finished.

Since October I´ve been adding paint effects, ink effects, done some detail changes, added missing details and essentially obsessed over there damned thing. Following the original idea I did 2 casings, one for the psu and one for the gpus, unfortunately I just wasn´t happy with them, I felt they changed the overall look to much. I never wanted it to look clean as it simply doesn´t fit the post-apocalyptic style so in the end I opted for a rough way around it. The last 4 PSU connectors are bare and inked cabling for the GPUs. I´m sure quite a few of you would´ve proffered casings but I feel this way is what suits the style of the project best.

I also pretty much "coated" the whole thing with a mix of inks that took me a month to get right for a more old-n-gritty feel as while I was very happy with how the faux wood effect turned out, I felt it didn´t much the rest of the oxidized copper effects, this slight effect ink helps blend these two together and really make it look like it´s been around for a hundred years. If you compare these final pictures to the previous update pictures you´ll find you can´t exactly point why, but you´ll understand what I mean (or at least I hope you will 🙂 )

I also realise there´s no SLI bridge, this is simply because I´ve misplaced mine and didn´t want to wait till I ordered a new one to make the final pictures as I didn´t feel it was that important and... I really needed to end this stage of my life.

APASF is the project I´ve always wanted to do ever since I started painting and modding and while there are somethings that NOW I may have done differently, I´m extremely happy with the final outcome, I´m also relieved it´s over, it's taken a huge toll on me and in the end, it was more of an obligation and obsession rather than something I enjoyed doing as sad as that may sound.

I´d like to thank my sponsors for being so patient with it as it´s taken 6 months more than I originally thought it would and of course for being there with me all the way.

Right, without further wait, here is the final shoot of APASF "A Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Future".

Thank you all for reading through this long worklog during what for me has been the hardest project I´ve ever done!

Until next time,
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Level 7
Will upload some benchmarks soon enough 🙂
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Level 7
Love it! Amazing job, never seen anything like it!

Level 10
I know it would take up some massive room, but I've always wondered if someone could use copper (or chrome, even) piping to run "conduit" for the internal wiring--as a sort of "sleeving."

This is an outstanding & unique build!

It would be even more unique if that pressure guage could actually be a temperature guage...
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Cheers guys, Skull, I don´t see why not, but it seems like a really expensive way to go about it, and perhaps way to crowded if you have your liquid cooling as well?
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