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PC mods with a 3D printer

Level 7
Before I get to the mods, I need to say that this PC does have ASUS parts: Pro WS X570-ACE motherboard, TUF Gaming K7 keyboard.

My PC mods are a lot different from everyone else's. There is no flash, no bling, and at the moment, no RGB. Instead, I'm going to show you how an engineer does it, or more precisely, how an engineer over-does it!

PC Mod #1: The Air Filter
The current trend is to use large radiators, slow moving 120/140 mm fans, and very minimal air filtration. Over time the PC will accumulate dust, hair, and nasty crud that never comes off fan blades. But with this mod, my PC will stay squeaky clean. I've built models for 70, 80, 92, and 120 mm fans. The whole filter consists of four printed parts, several bolts, one lawnmower air filter, and one fan. While this mod doesn't feature any RGB lighting, you have access to the OpenSCAD files on GitHub, so you could remix it to include RGB light strips behind the filter, shining through.

Inside the case:

Outside the case (without front panel):

PC Mod #2: Redundant Power Supplies
I designed and built this mod just to show that it could be done, but the result is so freaking awesome that I had to share. These are dual 1280 Watt, hot-swappable, 80 Plus Platinum power supplies. The Power Distribution Board features three GPU power cables, each with two 8-pin connectors. I think this server-grade setup meshes well with the ASUS workstation-grade motherboard. NOTE: Everywhere you see the color orange, that is this mod. It's huge!



There is no reason why you can't build these mods, too. All the knowledge you need is right here.

Level 8
Your setup looks great however there is a reason why the current trend is to use minimal filtration and its because of airflow. While your system may work fine for a standard build, it unfortunately will not work for any type of overclocking, or systems that generate a lot of heat. And unfortunately with this case it appears your only using 2 intake fans and 1 exhaust fan??? .....this will not be adequate for this system.(placing filters directly over a fans intake reduces their efficiency drastically). I can guarantee it will run 20-30 degrees hotter than a case with good airflow and when under high loads it will thermal throttle. Most enthusiasts who buy cases for the good airflow will immediately remove any mesh or foam filters so they have the best airflow possible or do what I do now and just buy an open chassis case. It would have been a lot easier and simpler to just make you case a positive pressure case utilizing fans. Why do you need 2 x1280watt PSU's?

I like the dual fans designed. They look solid but take up a lot of space.

SmokeyKilla wrote:
Why do you need 2 x1280watt PSU's?

Servers use them for redundancy in case one fails so think of it like a single 1200w PSU that's just really reliable. Unfortunately because of the small dimensions they use little tiny fans which are very noisy at full load. It just depends on where you are going to put the machine as to whether that is an issue or not.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

I meant why run a 1200watt PSU if the system he is using is the one in his tag then approx 350watt is all that is required. So even a 500watt psu would be overkill.